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Sihr Al-Ghajariyate

Jovanka, only daughter of the patriarch of the gipsies, turns over to the town of Malarribo to be avenged for the humiliation of which she was victim when she was young.

she was in love with Rafaël Domínguez, son of the richest family and most powerful one in the city, but he humiliated her in front of everyone.

After their rupture, she leaves the city fleeing her father and her relatives. Years passed and she meets Juan Domínguez, the brother of Rafaël, with which she falls in love.

Jovanka returns then to the city with her 3 adoptive daughters: Maria Sashenka, Maria Salome and Maria Magdalena.

Sihr Al-GhajariyateJovanka protects her daughters not to undergo the same things that happened to her, but ironically Maria Salome will also fall in love with Sebastián, son of Rafaël Domínguez. In the role of Maria Salome, the héroîne of our télénovela, one finds Ana actress of Reguera. Born in Veracruz in Mexico in 1977, she studies English in New York before being registered at the Cultural Institute of her country to begin its training of actress there.

It is during her stay in Central of Capacitacion de Televisa that she was discovered and joined the Azul serial, before she appeared in several novelas and telefilms like Destinos, Tentaciones, El Cartero, etc.

Ana of Reguera, who is one of the best actresses of the Mexican public, becomes a star in many televised series, like Gitanas, Luciana y Nicolas, Por Ti, Todo per Amor and Pueblo chico, Infierno Grande.

• TV 2M is a leading broadcaster for Moroccan news, sports, children's programs, talk shows, cultural events and music programming in Arabic and French.

• En direct TV2M! The collection of film series, live concert performances and variety shows sucha as Grand Angle, Rihanate Moujtamaâ, Challengers, Viva Médina, creating a cornucopia of sights and sounds.

• TV 2M programs "Moubacharatan Maakoum" and "Moukhtafoun" also including Aila Mouhtarama Jidan, Ana Wiyak and Al Aouni are considered unique in their genre.

Hadarat Al Motaham Abi

2M ProgramsAbdelhamid is a professor of history and manager of a school. He is a man who seeks to carry out his objectives honestly. He helps his students solve their problems; which mad him gain their trust and their respect. He also works hard to pass a good education to his children. However, an event will completely change the course of hts life. His son, victim of a car accident, is wrongfully accused in order to protect the son of a rich person.

Rommana & the Hero (Rommana wa bartal)

Rommanna succeeds in winning the trust of the prince who finally found peace and can sleep... Smart and perspicacious, Rommana also succeeds in convincing her companions in misfortune to join her in her search of freedom...

Thus the second season of the extraordinary adventures of Rommana start, a narrator which draws its stories at the fine bottoms of our inheritance and our collective memory.

2 M Program
Each episode of the series invites us to penetrate in a world of dream, magic and mysteries. Series, 2M Production, 2006, 5x52mn Scenario: Ibrahim Ali Boubekdi Realization: Fatéma Boubekdi Interpreters: Sanae Akroud, Yassin Ahejjam, Hassan Mediaf, Hassan Mikiyat, Hanane Zahid, Sanae Tazi, Malika Rouiss...

List of Programs:


  • Ana Al Awane
  • Hadrat Al Mouttaham Abi
  • Houbbon Fi assahrae
  • Rabiî Qortoba
  • Sihr Al-Ghajariyate
  • Sikkat Al Hilali
  • Woujae



  • Ana wiyak
  • Invisible man
  • Khali Amara
  • L'autre dimension
  • Labass walou bass
  • Moul Taxi
  • New York District
  • Prison Break
  • Rommana wa bartal

2M has been acclaimed as one of the leading educational and entertainment channels from Morocco. 2M carries a wide variety of programs, including news, dramas, and talk shows, and is suitable for all members of a family.

With a few hours of daily free public broadcasting. Established by the largest Moroccan economic conglomerate ONA, 2M challenged taboos by debating controversial issues and established a reputation for itself as a symbol of freedom of speech in Morocco. Currently, 2M reaches 70% of the Moroccan population and employs approximately 500 people.
2M is the only privately-owned station in the country until 1996, SOREAD, the major shareholder of the station, sold 68% of its shares to the Moroccan government. The government then took over the management of the station as part of the Moroccan Broadcasting Network, which broadcasts in several languages including Arabic, French, Spanish, English, and three Berber dialects.

Distribution: 2M TV is available nation wide to the large Arabic and Moroccan audience that is estimated to be over a million. 2M-TV is available, free to air on Globecast satellite, with coverage over the entire country.

Broadcasting free-to-air in Arabic, 2M Maroc is Morocco’s largest television channel, offering a 24-hour line-up of news, documentaries, cultural, sporting and children's programs as well as series and films.



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