Why Advertise on Al Arabiya TV?

  • According to a poll conducted by the the Arab Advisor Group in the Middle East, close to 70% of respondents picked Al Arabiya as very trustworthy.

  • A poll by the US State Department in seven Iraqi cities in October found that among Iraqis with satellite dishes, 37% named al-Arabiya as their preferred news source, significantly higher than the alternate news stations. (Less than 1.5% indicated that they viewed the channel as not trustworthy. The remaining had no opinion on the level of trustworthiness of the station)

  • Al Arabiya was launched to quench the Middle Eastern audience's thirst for credible, trustworthy, timely, and relevant news.

  • The station is global, covering all the Middle East, Asia Pacific, South East Asia, North Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia, Al Arabiya airs speedy and detailed news bulletin every hour around the clock, along with analytical programs, to update the Arab audience on the latest developments in the world's political and economical events.

  • Within its first year, Al Arabiya has brought new standards in delivering the news and has become a prime source of Arabic news throughout the world delivering truthful news to its viewers.

  • Al Arabiya TV sets a new trend in the region by offering an unbiased, objective and credible coverage of the news, without reverting to sensationalism or emotional partiality. Al Arabiya epitomizes “Arab modernism”, and consistently offers a wide and balanced variety of topical programs.

  • Al Arabiya is one of the leading Arab channels that endorses young directors and promotes their documentaries, offering the viewer the latest in terms of innovation and content.

  • Although Al Arabiya is in its third year, it has managed to create exceptional awareness for the brand and has managed to build high loyalty among its viewers.

  • Al Arabiya grid is designed to attract different segments, with different interests, making Al Arabiya the perfect channel to target all kinds of "information seekers", young or old, males or females, with interests ranging from politics, economy, finance, sports, science, technology, to general knowledge.

  • Being an Arabic Channel whose mission is to empower its Arab viewers, makes Al Arabiya News Channel one of the top choices of Arabs seeking trustworthy and reliable information.


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