The day of March 3rd 2003 has witnessed the birth of the region's most credible 24-hour news channel. Al Arabiya was launched to quench the Middle Eastern audience's thirst for credible, trustworthy, timely, and relevant news.


The station, based in Dubai Media City, hosts a large network of reporters who continuously present from all around the five continents, catering to the Arab audience's interest in politics, business, current affairs, finance, sports, science, lifestyle, in-depth documentaries, in-depth talk-show programs, and social and educational programs.

Covering all the GCC countries, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, South East Asia, North Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia, Al Arabiya airs speedy and detailed news bulletin every hour around the clock, along with analytical programs, to update the Arab audience on the latest developments in the world's political and economical events.  Within its first year, Al Arabiya has brought new standards in delivering the news and has become a prime source of Arabic news throughout the world delivering truthful news to its viewers.

The station's 24-hour free to air news and current affairs channel sets a new trend in the region by offering an unbiased, objective and credible coverage of the news, without reverting to sensationalism or emotional partiality.  On the whole, Al Arabiya is rational but not rigid, informative and daring without being controversial.
Al Arabiya epitomizes “Arab modernism”, delivering content that is relevant to Arabs and non Arabs, and consistently offers a wide and balanced variety of topical programs. The station's ambition is to become the prime source of Arabic news throughout the world. Al Arabiya provides timely news updates, a variety of interviews, exclusives, scoops, and in-depth programs using state of the art technology.
The station's documentaries have been selected for the Lugano Film Festival in Switzerland; Al Arabiya in-house documentaries have acquired recognition, like "Screen Wars" which won the First Golden Award in Films and ocumentaries at the Gulf Festival of Television and Broadcasting.
Al Arabiya is one of the leading Arab channels, which endorses young directors and promotes their documentaries, offering the viewer the best in terms of form and content. Al Arabiya is an independent, self-empowered, informative and free-spirited satellite channel. It is an Arabic station, from the Arabs to the Arabs, delivering content that is relevant to the Arabs. It is a channel that holds its ambition in its name to become the prime source of Arabic news throughout the world. Al Arabiya respects the viewer's heart and emotions, by talking full honesty to their mind and intelligence. Al Arabiya's interest is to remain true to the voice of the Arab world, to the world, on a Regional and International level. 

When al-Arabiya went on the air, it promised its audience objectivity and accuracy. Its bosses pledged: "We are not going to make problems for Arab countries... We'll stick with the truth, but there's no sensationalism."


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