Al Arabiya offers its viewers in-depth programs and news reports around the clock covering different areas of interest such as: News at the top of the hour, every hour. Daily live current affairs programs. In house and acquired top of the line documentaries and investigative programs. Sports updates and special programs. Business news and economic programs. Social and educational programs.

  Across the Ocean
A talk show from Washington that presents topics on the American policy towards the Arab world, presented through interviews with leading American personalities. It highlights the latest happenings in the American Government, and how it's affecting the Arab World directly or indirectly. The program also takes a closer look at the daily life of average Arab-Americans living in the USA and the issues they face.
Presented by
Hisham Melhim


A socio-political live soft talk show that hosts prominent and high profile guests, political decision makers, heads of states, prime ministers, ministers of foreign affairs, and influential figures who affect our society on different levels. In its 1st part: a straight, frank, and open discussion with the guest around his political or cultural history and background, and about the decisions he has taken in his life. This part brings the audience closer to these decision-makers by helping the viewer to know them better. Whereas the 2nd part is around the current event taking place with relevance to the guest. Covers current events and latest political developments on a regional and international scale.
Presented by Giselle Khoury


A socio-political live talk show, which hosts 2 or 3 guests with different backgrounds or specialization to draw the attention on the hidden political, social, or religious corridors that had a great effect on the current developments and situation the Arabs are living in, on the decision makers' hidden agendas, and the reasons behind them.This program captures what is happening behind the scene.
Presented by Muntaha Al-Ramahi

  Fourth Estate
Sheds the light on the Western Media. International print media review, especially press media published in the USA and Europe, focusing on news and events that are significant and relevant to Arabs interests. Highlights the role and the influence of the media in the world and how it differs from one culture to another. Hosts journalists from all over the world and solicit their comments and remarks.
Presented by Giselle Habib

  From Iraq
A socio-political humanitarian program which aims to uncover realities from within Iraq about the daily sufferings of the Iraqi population, with real images, confessions from witnesses, and analytical reports. 3 different reports followed by 3 relevant interviews with influential figures in Iraq to highlight the daily lives of Iraqis, their daily problems, concerns, and how they see their future. "From Iraq" has very high rating in Iraq (which could be noticed from the large quantities of pirated CDs and video sold the day after the program is broadcasted)
Presented by Correspondents

A socio-political talk show, that has the GCC as a point of focus and covers related issues. It hosts prominent guests from the Arab region, mainly from the GCC and discusses hot topics of public interest.
Presented by Turki Al Dakhil

  Last Edition
Covers regional and Arab print media, especially newspapers, to show the Arabs perspective of regional and world events. Hosts Arabic journalists and discuss their articles or their point of views on other articles.
Presented by Rawya Al Alami and Ahmad Abdallah

It's the product of Al Arabiya correspondents, who examine a variety of unthinkable and untouched areas. 3 light reports of 7 min each, from 3 different countries The areas examined, being new or weird, expand to involve different aspects of life: social, cultural, economic and unusual intriguing sides of life.
Presented by Al Arabiya correspondents

  Poll On Air
Poll on Air is a one hour weekly program that seeks to gauge the feelings of the Arab street through Live interaction. The presenter, will be in a radio set to make the audience have the feel of how things go inside the radio studio. At the beginning of every program, the presenter will ask a question that will be relevant to a current affairs issue of the week, and will start receiving reactions from the viewers on whether they agree or disagree. The audience will be given the chance to participate in the program through phone calls, e-mails, and internet voting. The co-presenter will keep us posted on the e-mails received on several intervals. The status of the voting will be shown through a live ticker that will remain during the program. The presenter will give several updates on the status of the results that will be demonstrated on screen in graphics.
Presented by Ahmad Hosni

  Point Of Order
A socio-political live hard talk show with a unique identity, which hosts controversial characters. Bold and audacious consecutive questions addressed to the guest, keeping the viewer on his toes by its rapid rhythm and by turning the atmosphere into challenge and defy.
Presented by Hassan Mouawad

This program takes the viewer into the lives of interesting cultural and artistic celebrities, such as poets, writers, musicians, film makers, historians, and even researchers. Lots of visual support and scenes from their real life is used to take the viewer into the celebrity's world. It highlights their experiences that have or could have enriched our minds and lives.
Presented by Ahmad Ali Al Zein

  Special Mission
An investigative program that aims to uncover the truth about puzzling topics which are unclear to the public, by taking them step by step into the investigative process, and build the momentum accordingly. Issues like politics, economy, and even religion are addressed. The atmosphere of secrecy and caution creates the intensity of the program.
Presented by Correspondents

  Under the light
A political live talk show that hosts 3 to 4 guests from different countries and having different directions or opinions to shed the light on a hot topic. It has a controversial nature that helps the viewer have a clearer picture of the addressed event or situation at hand, and see it from different perspectives and angles.
Presented by Taleb Kanaan


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