Al Wadi
Al Wadi is a reality TV show adapted from the original 'The Farm” with 14 celebrity contestants from different Arab Countries are filmed while they live together. The participants are well known stars from around the Arab world, from 9 countries in particular. The contestants are from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Morocco and Tunisia. The “manager” of the farm, or the host, is Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe.


Al Yanassib Al Lebnani
The Yanassib is a draw game, tickets of Yanasib carries a unique number composed of 5 numbers and letters A, B or C. The draw takes place every Thursday at 6:40 p.m. Live on LBCI.  The main prize is 200,000,000 L.L. Each ticket has consolidation numbers to win a consolidation prize. A person can win if his ticket has the same draw result or if his ticket ends with some draw result.
Kalam Alnas
LBCSAT has specialized this program to open the floor for discussions on all topics and troubles that go around in Lebanon and the region involving Lebanese and Arab political personalities.  Presented by Marcel Ghanem, Kalam el Nas is an open table straightforward face to face dialogue that also involves direct phone calls from all audiences.
Loto Libanais 
6 numbers can change the way you live! The Lebanese lottery is your gateway to a world of your dreams and happiness.  Each week, money is accumulating to reach a different prize. Be lucky, play the Lebanese Lottery to change your life.

Miss Lebanon
A unique reality show taking the viewer behind the scenes in the world pageantry.  The cameras follow the hopeful contestants 24/7 and documents their lives as they prepare for the contest.  The girls are filmed rehearsing their talents, walking the runway, learning make-up techniques, and the inevitable drama between the contestants.

Spotlight showcases the latest happenings in the world of cinema including sneak-previews, interviews with the stars, special reports and what's showing in movie theaters in Lebanon, the Middle East, and around the world.  The show also includes competitions and video clips from the latest movies and a look at the most recent DVD releases.  The show is hosted by Elise Farah.
Zay Al-Nojoum
Ordinary people are transformed into their musical idols on this new series.  Zay el Noujoum will turn those dreams into reality with a once-in-a-lifetime chance for ordinary people to transform themselves into their musical idols.  Through elaborate hair make-up and clothes, precision choreography, and breathtaking stage scenery, chosen amateur performers will have the chance to sing in their own voices in front of a live studio audience. Each week, five contestants compete, and one winner will be crowned by a jury of music industry professionals. Already a worldwide television sensation Zay el Noujoum has aired in more than 10 countries.  


LBC International News
News and reports of the major events and happenings from around the globe.

News and reports ranging from local Lebanese interests to events centered around the Middle East region.

Flash News Sat
News accounts from the Middle East to be broadcasted on American satellite televisions.


Football Asia
Weekly program including the latest news and features from the Asian football scenes.  The program includes the champions league magazine.
Yalla Goal
A program dedicated to Saudi Arabia Football, Yalla Goal will be presented by Ex Shabab Club and KSA National Team Captain Abdel Rahmane El Roomi, with Said Ghobris as Analyst.  The program will highlight the events of the week in Saudi Football matches. Regular features will include inside reports on the life of a player, and a referees corner to answer the questions about the major referees mistakes of the week.  The program also includes a contest where viewers can win cash prizes.

This is a story of passion and revenge between two rival families, the Valdeses and the Ramirezes. The story concerns a secret love triangle between the two families and sworn enemies.  The ill will that has poisoned the two families condemns the young lovers to suffer rejection and cruelty, and in order to survive, their love must break down the barriers that fate has placed in their way.
Kids Power
A popular afternoon variety program geared towards children.


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