Al Hur Al Ein
This season’s most controversial series about fighting terrorism. The serious drama, based on a true story, is about the terrorist bombing in Riyadh.  The Saudi character is faced with his terrorist actions and the way it affects the people around him.  It sheds light on the reasons why someone gets involved in terrorism.




“Al Shamshoon”  The Simpsons Arabic version
The popular American animated sitcom debuts in the Middle East.  The series stars the Arab version of Homer Simpson “Omar Shamshoon” and his trouble maker son “Badr Shamshoon.” Providing the characters' voices are several popular Egyptian actors, including Mohamed Heneidy.    




Al Rasool El Ensan   
The program talks about the personal side of prophet Mohammed (mpbuh) describing to the viewers that he was like any other ordinary man simple and humble. It talks about his relationship with his wives, kids, friends, parents & followers. Lessons to be learnt from his morality in dealing with others; his moments of anger, happiness, what he ate, drank, how he slept and much more… Hosted by the famous Dr. Tareq Suwaidan.




Bel Saraha Ahla   
Host: Joelle Mardinian
Bel Saraha Ahla,is the first show of its kind in the Arab world. Its intent is to instruct individuals that being a few pounds over or less can look good if they know their body type. Individuals can nominate themselves or a friend who lacks sense of style into enhancing their outer look, which eventually will empower them. Each episode features a not-so--fashionable teenager, who will undergo drastic transformations. Of course viewers will witness each stage in the transformation; this includes watching a document that segments the fashion victim in his or her own daily life prior to the makeover. Further, family and friends share personal background about the fashion victim. As for the viewers, they will get free tips on hair and make-up styles.The host of the program is a celebrity wardrobe and make-up artist Joelle Mardinian, who has worked with top print magazines.




Host: Tony Abo Judea - Shokran Murtaga - Maes Hamdan- Hasan Al aseeri
CBM is a sarcastic program that mocks politicians and popular people in a comedic style and presented by celebrities from the Arab countries. The program rewrites popular songs and redesigns video clips to match the intent of the program mocking and criticizing current political and social issues.  This program recently won an awarded for being the best entertainment show among Arab channels. 




Cooking With A Star (Cooking Show)
A new & unique approach to cooking in Ramadan. 30 episodes each featuring 1 of MBC & Al-Arabiya personalities as the co-chef assisted by professional chef. So this is cooking like it has never been before as it will not only offer fun & new recipes but it will offer an audience insight into their favorite presenters or actors personalities, to have more affinity with them.
Each episode will take the mood of the presenter/actor, so when Tony Abu Jaoude is cooking, you can expect some wild comedy, but when Muna Abu Sulaiman is in the kitchen, we will get to taste some delicious traditional Saudi authentic dishes.




Corner Stone
Live from Riyadh & Jeddah hosted by Sheikh Salman Al Aouda. The program deals with the beat of the street people and issues that touch their hearts and souls. It enhances & enriches their knowledge on many topics that matters like worshiping, Jihad, women, terrorism,.. , giving advices. Viewers can interact with host and guest to post questions and obtain answers.




Host: Nansi Moumary- Ehsan Almounther
"Dandana" a new style for presenting music celebrities from the Arab world in a cozy musical atmosphere. Each episode will feature one famous Arab singer. The show also will focus on the old unique & tradition Arabic music, how it's related & affected young generation from singers. Audience will enjoy listening to the chat with their celebrity and his/her signing with piano melody orchestrated by the maestro Musician Ehsan AL Monther.




Gargaan 3      
Dawood Hussain & Abdullah AlBalam in their 3rd season in a row star Gargaan. Comedy like never been before. Enjoy watching the couple together with many comedians surprising the audience with their never ending mock of other stars, singers, personalities in a lighthearted daily sketch.




Green Apple        
Host: Howayda Abouheif
Green Apple is an hour-long weekly comprehensive health magazine addressing general family wellness. The show focuses on the wellness and cures rather than illness and pain. Each episode addresses health, beauty and wellness issues. The Beauty segment is about new medical techniques to keep women looking their best. The Medical Breakthrough segment is all about the latest in the medical world. The Physical Wellness will tackle a different disease every week, such as cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease or others. The Family Health section will help women take the lead in doing the thing they care about most, such as taking care of their family's health. The Eating for Life segment will feature a new healthy and delicious recipe.  The Alternative medicine segment will explore various methods and practices of alternative medicine.




Harouf wa Aloof        
Starring:  Mohamed Shaeri
Two games in one! Any viewer who calls Horoof participation lines or sends in questions has the chance to play on air.  The computer picks a letter and viewers must answer a question. The more correct answers at the quickest time, the more winnings.  If they fail to answer, another viewer will challenge them with a question. If the one playing answer wrongly, the challenger wins the money. Home viewers can also have their own challenge of answering to questions via sms & IVR to win a cash prize, that would continue to roll-on till its won.




Kalam Nawaem    
Host: Fawziah Salamah, Farah Bseeso, Mona Abo Sulieman, Ranya Bargout
For the First time on Arabic Television, four women come together to discuss the hottest issues, up-to-the-minute news, and real-life stories. Each coming from a different Arab country, these women creates an intriguing mixture of intellectual and social backgrounds. Their vivacious exchange of opinions, outlooks and reactions leave our viewers wanting more. Fawziya Salama, Editor in Chief of Sayidati magazine and a well respected Egyptian woman living in London; Farah Bseiso, a Palestinian actress and a shining Arab star who lives now in Damascus; and Muna Abousleiman, a young progressive Saudi mother of two and a PHD candidate in English Literature.




Khawater Shab          
A new and unique program format. Light & quick. Saudi focused. Edutaining, Modern look targeting the Youth.  Each episode will talk about a different social/behavioral matter, such the bad habits in Ramadan, Ramadan healthy diet, cleanliness, meaning of happiness, terrorism, how to treat labor, etc. Hosted by Ahmad Al Shugairi from Yalla Shabab and is aided by vox pops.




Host: Raya Abi Rached and Naglaa Bader
SCOOP is an entertainment newsmagazine; the show aims to be the first ultimate entertainment news source for MBC viewers covering the entertainment industry news stories on celebrities, film, television, music, fashion, award shows and special events.
SCOOP brings exclusive celebrity news and behind the scenes interviews.  SCOOP is where West meets East.




Style With Joelle
Host: Joelle Bohlok
Style with Joelle is an entertainment program that presents the most current trends in the fashion world, answering viewers needs in beauty, decoration, health, sports, and modern life-style.  All in all, the program takes the audience on a voyage to many capitals such as Milan, Paris, and New York.
The program is hosted by ex-miss Lebanon Joelle Bohlok, in the show she reveals the secrets in the fashion world, showing thrilling stories about celebrities and all the issues that interest teens and today's modern women.




Tash Ma Tash
Starring: Nasser Al Gasabi & Abdullah Al Sadhan  
This program has simply set a trend, recognized as the best comedy on TV during Ramadan.  The episodes aim to reflect the vices that we encounter in our daily transactions. The successful comedy duo of Sadhan and Gasaby has become a phenomenon in Ramadan.




Turn The Page with Mahmoud Saad
Each Ramadan Mahmood Saad gets close & intimate with the well known stars of the Arab world. No one conducts an interview just like him.  In each episode Mahmood will be accompanied by renowned professional psychologist, sitting off camera; analyzing every word & every answer our celebrities give. Once the interview is over a summary of the celebrity's personality is given to Mahmood & the guest; & this is where the fun begins. We will get to hear what are the stars fears & hopes for example.




Who Wants To Win A Million? (2 Million Special)          
Hosted by George Kurdahi
The Arabic language version of the international phenomena “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” has taken Arabic viewers by storm, with ratings dwarfing even the most beloved comedy shows and soap operas.  The show continues its ratings streak by offering two million dollars.





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