Superstar 3
The international mega hit "Pop Idol" that spawned the American version (American Idol) is equally a ratings giant in the Arab world.  The Arabic version "Superstar", now in its third season, continues to hook audiences in the Middle East by showcasing the best (and worst) amateur talents in this popular singing contest. The program travels all over the Middle East auditioning contestants and therefore recieves over a million votes per episode from all over the Arab world.   

  Project Runway
'Project Runway' is an exciting new reality series for Future TV that gives 12 talented and hungry fashion designers in womens’ wear the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to have their collection shown in front of the global fashion community in Beirut, Lebanon and displayed in the pages of a top glossy magazine.
The contestants compete against each other in a series of challenges that will determine who has what it takes to be the next 'It' designer. Set in Beirut, The Fashion Capital of the Middle East, 'Project Runway' is a hip and entertaining series that will break fashion's next big name. Hosted by former Miss Lebanon Norma Naoum.

  Sin Jim
Target age group: between 7 and 14 years. Jeem is an astronaut stuck in a computer website, she helps two kids Sally and Samer with their scientific questions. A different scientific subject is presented in each episode in a funny way with the help of different visual aids, experiments, and video clips. Inspector Fashkoul and other characters help the kids solve the problem of each episode. Actions take place in the studio representing the kids’ house and lab, in addition to other related outdoor locations. 

  Alam Simsim
Alam Simsim is not only a TV program. Its role extends beyond that to reach the community at grass root levels through its outreach program. Teams of trainers in three rural governorates, teach parents and caregivers, the basic principles of health and hygiene, to help them better raise their children. Up to date, more than 10,500 mothers and caregivers have been graduated from the program. It is expected to affect more than 100,000 family members by end of 2005.


A weekly variety show targeting children between the ages of 9-13.  The show features children in a similar age range discussing educational and entertainment topics aimed at children.  Topics include kid movies, music and books; kid art exploring shapes and colors; exploring a country and learning about its culture and traditions; games and activities.  


  Al Istihkak
Two hour program discussing major political topics. The program is hosted by Ali Hamada, a prominent journalist at Al-Nahar Newspaper, and discusses the latest events and happenings concerning lebanese cause.

  Khaleek bill bait
A popular interactive weekly program hosted by Zahi Wehbe.  Each episode features a new guest from a different Arabic country and showcases his or her talents.  Past guests have included famous actors, musicians, writers, poets, and politicians.  Khalik Bill Bait translates as "stay home", and viewers from all around the world are invited to participate in the program "from home" by calling in questions or comments, or through e-mails and text messages.

  Sireh wo infatahit
Every week popular host and former writer Zaven Kouyoumdjian invites everyday people on his popular television talkshow.  Topics range from serious discussions about globalization and politics to lighthearted topics such as cooking and entertainment.  The innovative show shocked the Arab world by discussing formerly taboo topics such as sex, adultery, and drug addiction.  The show continues to break new ground by discussing the topics and concerns of everyday people in the Arab world.

  Waraa Alwojoh
Author and popular TV host Ricardo Karam invites well-known celebrities, politicians, and business tycoons on this weekly talk show.  The program explores the success or failures of the guest and discovers their hopes, regrets, and plans for the future.  The interview centers around the guest's career as well as delving into their personal lives.


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