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When the world's best poker players and the game's biggest personalities get together to play in a high-stakes, winner-take-all tournament, you never know what's going to happen. Tune in to watch all the action when the cards fly, the tempers flare, and the chips fall on TV's groundbreaking new poker program, Poker After Dark.


SL CHI is the flagship of comedy shows in Lebanon. It remains the undisputed legend in its category with unforgettable characters like Youssef 2ley2el, Fadia Cherre2a, Pipo, Teta Rosana, Amine 3amine and many many others.

Mich ghalat

A talk show that is based on a mind tool called six thinking hats. The content will be assorted in order to interest, entertain and inform audiences about perspective thinking through discussing the guests archive, conflicts, success, and failure; using different colors to represent each situation. The host will lead and guide the guest to answer his questions applying the color the host chooses by allowing or forbidding them from using certain key terms.

MTV program

An ironic, socio political comedy whose aim is to establish laughter in every home and to be the voice of the people, no matter what their political or religious affiliations are. The rich cast is made up of Lebanon’s most famous comedians, who shall insure that the viewers shall keep coming back, week after week.


The first definition of street magic refers to a traditional form of magic performance . In this, the magician draws an audience from passersby and performs an entire act for them. Gino Mrad will be performing a street magic show for the first time in the Arab world, following a style similar to Chris Angel and David Blaine.

Studio el fen

A synopsis show about Studio el Fan last season. More than 95% of Lebanese artists became famous thanks to Studio el Fan: Wael Kfoury, Nawal el Zoghby, Fares Karam, Bassem Feghaly and so many others. Studio el Fan on MTV has witnessed a major upgrade.

MTV program

Mireille Mazraani walks into the studio and starts the episode by a funny stand up. The episode then kicks off when Mireille welcomes the two teams that shall be competing against each other; coming up with jokes from a certain theme chosen. This program has guaranteed to make all the viewers laugh, as Mireille is notorious for her witty and humorous nature. Since its launch this program has become a weekly rendez-vous for viewers and is rated among the top most viewed programs.


Michel Ashi does it again, this time funnier than ever! Candid camera, tricks, twisted interviews, hilarious vox pop.. Expect the best of the worst with a complete new series.

Bel hawa sawa

MTV surpasses earthly limits and takes a step closer to the moon. Live from Beirut and from a 50 Meter Altitude, Wissam Breidy will host 120 guests throughout the Holy month of Ramadan.

MTV program

aka Comedy In Arabic. This new show written by Marc Kodeih sums up the week’s political happenings in one satirical show. Tony Abou Jaoude along new talents will prove to you that news can actually be fun and that politics can cause tears of joy!


The game involves a host and master of ceremony, a greedy unseen banker and contestants who are offered the chance to open a case and win whatever sum of money lies inside of it. Amounts in cases will vary from 200 LBP to 200,000,000 LBP. Contestants must select one case and open up the others one after the other, dismissing any amount found. This exciting show has had tremendous success throughout the world and is set to break new records on MTV.

Talk Town

Mona Abou Hamza is back with a new season of her show that was nothing less but THE Talk of the Town when first broadcast on MTV.


KamanAn entertaining and vibrant social program presented by Hiam Abou Chedid, hosting one celebrity guest and three people from the general public. The show focuses on the different reactions and points of view whereas all guests share one common, unusual experience.

tahkikThe only documentary show in Lebanon and the Middle East. A dynamic show presented by Claude Hindi, covering hottest political, economic and social topics of the week. This first of its kind program sheds light on society‘s problems, crisis, unanswered needs and on-going difficulties faced by the Lebanese people. Claude Hindi drives the investigations into its deepest levels, searching for the truth.

akid finaThis is a social, political show that brings to light current issues and problems that are taking place in Lebanon; while allowing the Lebanese citizens to propose the solutions they see fit. At the beginning of the show the problem will be exposed through a video report and the discussion then begins on how to solve it. Problems will be debated by NGOs and Lebanon’s youth versus politicians, ministers and deputies. Week after week, the show will update the viewers on the progress of the issues mentioned in the previous episode.

mawdo3iyaA political talk show presented by Walid Abboud, hosting a wide array of politicians and leading figures for a better understanding of the political and socio-economic parameters. Objectivity is the key word, reflecting MTV’s solid stances on freedom, responsibility and patriotism.

al Akhbar

It’s a fact: More Lebanese get their news from MTV’s news program than from any other source. The reason is self-evident: over 150 highly qualified professionals working around the clock to deliver the news first; straight to the point; from reliable sources; with an in-depth coverage of local, regional and global news stories. Added to this are unique, informative financial bulletins and state-of-the-art weather reports. What more could any viewer want?

baad al Akhbar

This half hour segment after the 14:00 News broadcast, hosts guests from the political scene to discuss and analyze the current events taking place.

Qabla Al Akhbar

This hour segment before the 14:00 News broadcast, hosts guests from the political scene to discuss and analyze the current events taking place.

Press Review

The Press Review is a round up of everything a working person, man or woman, needs to know before leaving the house for work. This includes reading newspaper headlines, to weather forecasts, video traffic reports, stock markets and daily business agenda reminders.

Madame Carmen

Madame Carmen is a six part drama series revolving around women whom have suffered through the pain, torture and bitterness of life since their childhood; until this torture led them to the worst kind of bitterness there is….self prostitution. The trade of soul, body and everything void of human emotions is the path to loss of self dignity and respect. Madame Carmen knew how profit from this bitterness.


Sarah is a new Lebanese local drama on MTV. It discusses the life of a young woman who suffers with her husband, but hesitates to get a divorce because of her children. This series is based on realities and true situations, and has attracted a wide audience. The series gained so much popularity, that viewers requested a second season be produced, and of course we complied with their request.


The life story of famous singer and actress of Egyptian and Italian ancestry Yolanda Gigliotti known by her stage name Dalida.

gharam oa intiqam

The plot is centered around the three Reyes brothers, Juan, Oscar and Franco. Gabriela Elizondo is a rich ranch owner’s wife whose husband has been having an affair with the Reyes brothers' younger sister- Libia. The latter fell in love with him and when the old hacienda owner died, she committed suicide. The Reyes brothers put the blame of their sister’s death on the Elizondo household and plotted revenge by entering the hacienda as construction workers. Things get complicated when the Reyes brothers unexpectedly fall for Gabriela’s three daughters: Norma, Sarita and Jimena.


Letty is a sweet, shy, romantic, highly intelligent girl; though not what you would call attractive. Graduating with honors in Economics and a master's in Finance, she confidently enters the job market never once considering her appearance to be an obstacle. Letty soon discovers that her skills and education are not enough as she is rejected over and over for her plain looks. She finally accepts a secretarial position at a major production company run by the founder's dashing but womanizing son, Fernando. As the company's fortunes dwindle and future prospects dim, Letty comes to the rescue, proving how valuable she really is; and falling in love in the process!

bab el hara

The Final Season of the series that chronicles the daily happenings and family dramas in a neighborhood in Damascus, Syria in the inter-war period under French rule.

qadiya safia

A social drama revolving around a rural girl named Safia, whose father dies leaving her a large inheritance only to find her life haunted by a stranger claiming to be her brother.


It is an online review magazine related to the internet. The hosts will keep you updated on the major and uncommon events happening all over the world, in addition to the latest high-tech innovations and avant-garde concepts spread via the internet.


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