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Advertising on TAC will give our clients multi-media opportunities to communicate their brand values to different consumers at different levels in order to create the perfect communication mix. We offer a wealth of possibilities for delivering your message. Our clients can advertise through spot campaigns, internet advertising, and programs, reaching a large and loyal audience of viewers.

TAC provides innovative marketing and advertising solutions to support an advertiser's specific brand objectives. Customized programs leverage the best of TAC's expertise to answer individual advertiser needs. Big event promotions, unique units, insertion strategies and pricing programs are all available. No matter what your target group, marketing message or budget Allied Media will offer you a seamless multi-media package that gives you the most flexible format, placement options, and rewarding advertising opportunities. AMC designers and artisits can even design your ads, making sure that readers sit up, listen and remember your message.


TAC provides the advertiser the opportunity to reach a nique demographic of NYC metropolitan area Arabic market.  The group averages a strong purchasing power, with the estimated annual household income of $50,000.

TAC is distributed through Time Warner Cable and Comcast Cablevision and broadcasts to over 1,125,000 homes in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area for free 24/7. TAC reaches all the USA and Canada through Telstar 5 (26in. dish) popular with 19 other Arabic TV stations.



Allied Media Can Help You Communicate
With This Audience:
  • Allied Media develops, conceptualizes, and produces memorable advertising that helps you as a client strategize your market appeal and brand yourselves within your targeted TAC TV audience.
  • Allied Media offers competitive advertising and marketing packages exclusively tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Allied Media can help place your ad to air during the most relevant program to target this specific New York metropolitan area Arab American consumer group.
  • Allied Media guarantees immediate and measurable results by testing and optimizing of campaign performance.


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