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Reaching an estimated 3.5 million viewers in the United States, and 400,000 viewers in Canada, advertising on Dandana TV will give our clients significant opportunities to communicate their brand values to the financially powerful young adult audience. We offer a wealth of possibilities for delivering your message; our clients can advertise through television commercial campaigns, advertising through the internet, and program or concert sponsorship, guaranteed to reach a large and loyal audience of viewers. Dandana TV's selection for current programming is a response to the growing population of Arabic-speaking viewers, as well as non-Arabic speaking viewers interested in Middle Eastern pop-culture. The host for Dandana TV’s current programming is an advanced 13,000 sq. foot studio located in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. International production is managed in the other studio located in Cairo, Egypt. All Dandana TV programs are a combination of Arabic and English programs shot in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA.


Allied Media Can Help You Communicate With This Audience:

  • Allied Media can help place your ad to air during the most relevant program to target this specific demographic consumer group of young adult Arab and Arab Americans.
  • Allied Media offers competitive advertising and marketing packages exclusively tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Allied Media develops, conceptualizes, and produces memorable advertising that helps you as a client strategize your market appeal and brand yourselves within your targeted Dandana TV audience.
  • Allied Media guarantees immediate and measurable results by testing and the optimization of campaign performance.
Build brand loyalty, generate leads and educate your audience by fully integrating your advertising message in relevant content through our tour sponsorship opportunities. Maximize your consumer awareness potential by sponsoring one of the many concerts organized throughout the year. With over 4000 live viewers at each event, your message is bound to be heard by your target group.

As an advertiser, you can benefit from our innovative marketing approaches and our influential and valuable Arab American audience base. The most aggressive and consistent advertisers are the most successful. Advertising can generate customers now, and in the future. A campaign that is vigorous and positive can bring consumers into the Arab marketplace. We will work with you to make sure your message reaches the right target in the right way.

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