The Arabic Channel NY
  • Dandana TV averages 3.5 million viewers in the United States, and 400,000 viewers in Canada

  • The station aims to target approximately 800 million viewers in the Middle East

  • The station targets the young Arab and Arab-American target consumer



Dandana TV aims to be themost recognized network to the Arab and Arab-American Young Adult (12 - 34 year old) target audience, the most financially powerful demographic:


  • The 12 - 34 year old demographic have higher brand recall and more recognition than 35-49 year olds.  69% make their purchasing decisions based on brand name, not price.

  • The 12 - 34 year old audience wields billions of dollars in buying power in the United States alone.

  • In the past year, the impressionable consumer group in this age range has spent $8 billion on clothing alone.

  • The 12 -34 age group has spent nearly $850 million on video games, video game systems and game accessories

  • This influential demographic audience has spent $2 billion on fine jewelry

  • 12 - 34 year olds have spent nearly $5.5 billion on major household furnishings and appliances

  • The financially powerful demographic has spent an astounding $800 billion on audio equipment

  • $5 billion was spent on foreign vacations to Europe and other popular tourist destinations

  • Nearly $20 billion has been spent on personal computers and popular electronic devices

  • Dandana’s viewing audience continues to increase through expanding satellite and cable providers in the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

  • Dandana hopes to expand its audience base by including bi-lingual shows and supporting up and coming singers and musicians residing outside the Middle East.


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