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The selection for current programming is a response to the growing population of Arabic-speaking viewers, as well as non-Arabic speaking viewers interested in Middle Eastern pop-culture. Dandana TV’s programs are produced out of our three facilities. The primary host for Dandana Music TV and Dandana Reality TV’s current programming is 13,000 sq. foot studio located in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. International production is managed in our other studio located in Cairo, Egypt.

In addition to the latest music videos from the hottest Arab stars, Dandana offers a wide array of entertaining shows and interviews with celebrities. All Dandana TV programs are a combination of Arabic and English programs shot in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. The following is a description of Dandana TV programs:


Top 20:
This show is based on the votes from Dandana's website and iTV SMS voting mechanism. Filmed in Arabic and English.


Movie Stop:
Each episode discusses two recent movies and shows the promotional material of the movie, interviews with the stars, and shows behind the scenes footage. Shot in the USA and the Middle East.


Love story:
Today’s reality show. Tells the complete love story of ordinary couples in the U.S., Canada, and the Middle East and tells their story. From how they met to the night of their wedding party. It’s always a happy ending on this show.

Inspired by the American gossip columns in newspapers, this program tackles the gossip that evolves around film and music stars in a humorous way.

Dandana Stars (D Nogoom):
Each episode presents the life story of a star from their early years until the present showing the development in his/her musical career over the years.

Behind the Scenes:
Dandana’s cameras go behind the scenes capturing funny moments and behind the scene happenings during the shooting of videos.

At your Request:
Live show wherein the audience interacts through the internet, phone, and iTV, and SMS service. Dandana plays the requested songs with different hosts and themes every day.

Be the One:
The dream of Dandana TV is finally made a reality. Our talent search is unleashing the tremendous energy and talent in the Arab/American community which has been neglected over the years by the Middle Eastern television channels that are broadcast from the Middle East with their local Middle Eastern communities in mind. Dandana TV is filling the gap with this program. “Be the One”…will it be you?

Black And White:
Special program targeting the first generation Arab Americans showing the classic black and white concerts and film clips of legendary Arabic singers such as Om Kalthoom, Abdel Halim Hafez, Farid Alatrash, Fayroz, Asmahan, Shadia, Sabah, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Mohamed Fawzi, etc.

Interactive talk show with our viewers before their morning commute. Our host discusses different subjects with our audience before they begin their day.

Dandana Lounge:
Live show with a live studio audience; includes interviews, live music, dancing, and parties covering the local community in New York.

Movie songs:
Dandana TV’s host interacts with our audiences to play new and old movie songs.  

Elfan News:
From video clips to concerts to the latest movies, the show keeps you up-to-date with the latest news about the entertainment industry.

Afta7 Albak:
A live talk show with Dandana's love expert. Viewers discuss their relationship dilemmas with Dandana's guest specialist.

Box Office:
This program follows new Arabic and American movies that open every week, commenting on and reviewing them for our audience.


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