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Dandana TV is an American channel broadcasting from the U.S.A., Dandana TV is the first 24 hour Arabic music video channel to air and broadcast in North America. Since its on-air debut in July of 2004 on the Globe Cast Network, the station has reached a record audience of multi-cultural viewers from across North America.

Inspired by revolutionary video music channels in North America such as MTV and VH1, Dandana TV has brought a wide variety of popular Arabic music videos to a Western audience. Within just a few weeks of its on air debut on GlobeCast Satellite, the station received an overwhelming response from a vast, multicultural audience. Both Arabic, as well as non-Arabic speaking viewers from across the U.S., Canada, and South America reached out to express the need for such long-awaited programming in these areas.

At present, Dandana Music TV is thriving as a 24/7 modern Middle Eastern music channel with over 3.5 million viewers in the Western Hemisphere. The station’s subscribers have come to rely on Dandana Music TV for everything in music from hot new videos to the latest concerts in their area. Dandana Reality TV is on the cutting edge of television programming for the 21st century.

Dandana Reality TV, with it’s on air debut on NileSat in the Middle East in September 2005, is the first music channel completely dedicated to viewer interaction. Dandana’s vision is to bring to the Middle East a true view of America through Arabic eyes using innovative programming, unique content, compelling features, and exclusive events and interviews. The driving force behind the development of Dandan’s shows is the increased demand for live, local, interactive, and information TV programming.

The station has met this demand by creating a new genre of programming, giving consumers control over what they watch and when they watch it. Viewers can interact with Dandan’s programming -- and with each other -- from home, from restaurants or bars, from across the room, across town or across the country in real time through their television.
Viewer interaction is accomplished by the integration of SMS and the latest iTV technology into Dandana’s programming. Viewers choose shows, songs, vote, and chat with Dandana TV hosts and special guests via emails, the website, phone or wireless text messaging. iTV turns Dandana TV into a platform for the Arab American community to build a bridge between the West and Middle Eastern countries back home, making it a channel truly run by viewers. Dandana TV, in cooperation with Travertine Entertainment, has been recognized for bringing the first SMS-TV services to the U.S. This has earned us a nomination for the 2005 Emmy’s, a feat only accomplished by five of the 30 possible network choices for this category.

Dandana TV has built a foundation to capture the best of the Middle Eastern communities abroad and at home. Dandana’s unique, creative, and cutting edge programming has allowed us to reach out to viewers from the hip to the classical all in one breath, allowing Dandana to actively acquire new enthusiasts from other cultures, increasing the number of viewers and potential clients.
Dandana TV’s rapid growth supercedes that of any competitors in the market, qualifying it as a pioneer in its field. Dandana’s channels are dedicated to offering the viewers the best Arabic and English entertainment packages with exceptional customer service. The station is also committed to providing satisfying experiences for clients and subscribers, enabling Dandana to reach its optimal goals. In record time, Dandana TV’s diversified management team and talented professionals will lead this Middle-Eastern pop culture network straight to the top.


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