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AFGHAN CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SERVICES Pashto Voice Over - Afghan actors - Afghan Video Production

Allied Media has the creative expertise, the team and the tools to make your message reach its audience.

Video production:

We can assist in every stage of video project: pre-production, production, online editing, post-production and delivery. With special effects, compositing, animation, and multi-channel sound design. We can use existing footage, stock footage, or shoot footage for you on Beta, DigiBeta, DV, HD or film and the best part is the finished product can be used for different applications: Broadcast, DVD, CD-ROM, VHS or streamed on the web.

Part of a national linguist recruiting effort, Allied Media helped clients reach out to pashto speakers, farsi speakers and dari speakers for recruiting through Media planing, Grassroot campaigns, media placement and creative. The campaign that included concept writing, print design, print placement, posters distribution, flyers distribution
video recruiting pashto
pashto linguist recruiting video

Allied Media Production guides client from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing and duplication. We pride ourselves for our knowledge of the Afghan American cultural and diversity.

Allied Media offers creative content writing in a multicultural environment which makesmedia product reach your target in an efficient manner.
Translating a voice over for a TV spot might not get your message to the targeted audience.

If you are looking to:

  • Deliver a consistent message
  • Simplify Complex Products/Services
  • Decrease Sales Cycle Time
  • Train staff more effectively
  • Raise response rates
  • Brand an image
  • Or just want to add some enthusiasm to your existing presentation, and then you need to utilize our new media creative services.

Afghan american talent, voice over, and actors who speack pashto / dari
We can create interactive CD-ROMs, training DVDs, tradeshow kiosks, and package design in pashto / Dari.


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