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Here is a medium to reach one of the most affluent and growing segments of the U.S. population. The Arab American population represents a loyal, young, educated market segment. The majority is American citizens who hold executive or sales positions or are entrepreneurs.

Arab Americans

Arab Americans trace their roots to 22 countries in Africa and Asia that share a common language and heritage. There are of many religions. The majority of Arab Americans are Christian -- Eastern Orthodox (e.g., Greek Catholic, Maronite, Coptic, Assyrian, and Chaldean), Roman Catholic and Protestant, but Muslims are the fastest growing segment of the community. The majority of Arab Americans are native-born Americans, and 82 percent are U.S. citizens.

The first large wave of the United States began in the 1880s and continued into the early 20th century. The second began after World War II and has continued to the present. In 2000, the population was estimated at three to four million. The Arab American Institute (AAI) believes there are about four million Arab Americans.

AAI explains that they were undercounted in the 1990 Census, as were many other ethnic, minority, and immigrant populations. Because being of Arab heritage is an ethnicity, Arabs (like Hispanics) are not counted separately in the race question on the Census, but there is no separate ethnic question for Arabs.

Arabs in America

The long form of the Census includes an ancestry question, but 2000 data are not yet available. AAI data indicates that "most Arab Americans are of Lebanese or Syrian origin, but the population of Egyptian, Palestinian, and Iraqi Americans has been growing steadily." According to 1990 Census data, the population is relatively concentrated in 1990, two-thirds (66%) lived in ten states, and one-third (33%) lived in California, New York, and Michigan. About half (48%) lived in just 20 metropolitan areas; as of 1990 the top six were Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Northeastern New Jersey, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

Arab Americans


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