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Radio programs listed below reach out to immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa living in major cities in the U.S these broadcasts cover the top cities with the largest Arab American communities. Advertising on these programs presents the most cost effective way to reach the Arab American audience. You can reach the community of Arab American radio listeners nationally or you can pick the relevant location for your ad campaign.

Arabic Language Radio broadcasts in US / Arab American Radio
Region Days Time Description
Mon-Sun 12N-6PM
Extended news programs every hour that covers local and international news with emphasis on Muslim, Arabic and Middle eastern issues. Interview programs about issues relating to Arabic and Muslim communities in the US. Call-in Shows with audience participation and interaction. Program helps community stay in touch with its culture, history, religion, and traditions.
Saturdays 1P-5P
Chaldean Program
Sundays 11A-12N
Sol katera
Saturdays 11A-12N
Sol Katera
Mon-Fri 10A-12N
Music / Dance program
Extended BBC Arabic news programs every hour that cover local and international news with emphasis on Middle Eastern countries. Interviews with issues relating to Arabic communities in the Area. Call-in shows with audience participation and interaction.
Segment consist of community programming, interviews with local personalities, talk segments and discussions about contemporary events
Community programming, music, interviews, talk show segments, modern and traditional music.
Saturdays 4P-6P
Arab Voice of Chicago
Sundays 12N-1P
On air Magazine
Sundays 3P-4P
Voice of Jerusalem
Saturdays 4P-5P
Assyrian youth
Saturdays 5P-6P
Algerian Program
Saturdays 5P-7P
Voice of Arabic Community:  Weekly program covers events and issues relating to the large middle Easter community in Chicago. Variety of Arabic m interaction, interviews, and commentary.usic, Talk show with audience
Sundays 2PM-3PM
Arabic Church:   Program serves the needs of Large Christian Arabic Community in Boston. Practical and spiritual advice. Emphasis on helping the needy locally and overseas.
Sundays 9AM-10A
Arabian Nights:     Music and entertainment. Interviews with performers and singers. Call in segments, music requests. Community issues discussed.
Sundays 9AM-10A
Arabiyat: Program focus is serving the community. Weekly issues relating to community needs. Public information about issues such immigration, employment & housing. Interviews, call-in segments, and music.
WEST Saturdays 5PM-9PM
Arabic / Lebanese Show:     Program presents weekly line up of Arabic music and information about the weekly calendar for Middle eastern events around town. Interview programs with local and visiting artists, singers, and performers. Call in segments with audience interaction.  
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