Arab Linguist Recruiting
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PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE SERVICEStranslation - interpretation - Transcreation

Allied Media Corp. offers translation and interpretation services. No industry’s jargon is too complex to be communicated across different languages.

Our linguists combine command of their native language, with professional skills to convey the message with the most accuracy and effectiveness to Arabic speakers.

Our experience and knowledge of language and culture ranges numerous groups and allows us to provide high-quality service to government, corporate and nonprofit clients .

Translation Services:

The majority of our translators are certified by the American Translators Association. They are in full compliance with the Department of State testing process.

Allied Media has a database of common, best and unique terms to maximize consistency and accuracy on all projects.

Interpretation Services:

Our interpreters are native speakers of various Middle East Languages including Arabic Farsi, Dari, Kurdish and Pashto. They are well-versed in different dialects and colloquial forms of their mother tongue.

As an example, Arabic is written in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is widely understood in the Arab world. However, the interpretation process requires the ability to understand different dialects of Arabic—not just MSA.

Our interpreters have the expertise of multiple dialects of their native language, and are active members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters.

In summary, Allied Media Provides:

  • Experienced and culturally aware native translators
  • Proven expertise in all fields of translation land interpretation
  • Quality translation and editing on all projects
  • Professional hardware and bilingual software to meet all of your needs

    -On-site translation and interpretation
    -Escort and simultaneous interpretation
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