Arab American Online Advertising
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Arab American Online Advertising
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Allied Media's online advertising services help you deliver marketing messages and attract customers within the Arab American market through a Arab American Online Networkcomprehensive package that includes a network of Arabic websites, Arab American organization's online newsletters, Arab American mailing lists blasts, blogs for Arab Americans, and many other online outlets targeted to Arab Americans surfing on the World Wide Web. Examples of our online advertising include contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, and e-mail marketing sent to our network's members.

At Allied Media, we help you obtain a better ROI with a full-spectrum of interactive ad management strategy.
With services to agencies, entertainment clients and direct marketers, the well-thought-of ad management system could get you more than the required online visibility among the right ethnic target audience.

And, results would only help you ascend the ladder to growth. Allied Media online advertising services help you with maximized revenue, minimum investment, focused visibility, better reach, quicker results, convenient transactions, and a lot more superior features to get the right response and to reach your advertising objectives. With more and more 18 to 35 year old Arab Americans getting online (and obtaining news, communications, and financial services from the web), if you omit this portion of your audience from your marketing and advertising plans, you are likely to be ignored or at the very least sidestepped by a big portion of customers.


Our onarabic online line campaigns help you instantly get feedback on who is responding to your ads and how many of those contacts are converting to sales. With our periodical reports, you can see who is clicking on your ad and can update your advertising strategy to maximize your results.

We can help you test and tweak your banners, online videos, text links, Google ad campaigns, blog content, creative, your placement, your categories and even your website landing page to meet the needs of your audience more precisely.

Why Allied Media?

At Allied Media, we have designed a comprehensive behavior search database that helps us know who searches for what and where. The analysis of these sets of behavioral patterns help us offer very powerful online advertising plans and strategies that bring high exposure and response. This analysis is a result of combining years of experience in multicultural marketing and a very sharp expertise in the different ethnic markets, their culture, their dynamic and behavior.

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