Arab / Middle East Cultural Awareness Services & Training

For Businesses and Federal establishments who relocate or move to the middle east learning about the local culture is very important to the sucess of their business and practices.

Allied Media helps federal agecnies, businesses and individuals learn and understand the environment they will soon need to be in.



What does our services inlude when it comes to "Cultural Awareness"? One of our Middle East Experts will provide you with a program that will cover the following points:

Background Information

  • Background information on the impact of culture on your project or business
  • Cross cultural case studies and examples
  • Communication rules

The Middle East / Arab Countries

  • Middle East Historical, political and economic overview
  • Profile of local businesses, local trade and local industry behavior
  • Society, culture, values, customs, behaviors and traditions (Dos and don'ts)

Religion Islam and How other religious groups fit in.

  • Role of Islam and other religions in the area
  • Influence of Islam on social and business practices
  • Breaking stereotypes
  • The role of women

Doing Business in the Middle East

  • Preparing for a trip to a country in the Middle East
  • Language Tuition
  • Cross cultural comparison of business practices
  • Source of news and Trusted sources of news
  • Government owned Industries
  • Business protocol
  • Building relationships
  • Effective communication and body language / verbal and non-verbal
  • Business entertaining
  • Meetings, invitations, gatherings and negotiations
  • Working with and/or managing Arab employees

Relocating to an Arab country in the Middle East

  • Preparing for the move
  • What to take with you?
  • Arab attitudes to foreigners depending on geographical areas and / or foreign policy
  • Safety issues and protection protocols
  • The family - raising children, women in public life, education, holidays, education
  • Public behaviour and etiquette
  • Food and drink
  • Transport, shopping, festivities, celebrations, and entertainment

Call Allied Media today to request a cross culture session with our middle east experts. programs are available to big groups in a form of classes and group training sessions. 703.333.2008
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