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Over the years, Allied Media Corp. has honed direct marketing skills by partnering with our clients, understanding their goals and ensuring that they reach their intended audience.

We offer effective direct marketing tools such as mailing lists and e-mail campaigns that always succeed. We work closely with our clients to enhance the effectiveness of our direct marketing tools.

The direct approach is becoming the preferred way for advertisers because through direct marketing, they can get a direct response from their audience. This way, they can not only actively engage their consumers, but they can also quickly measure the effectiveness of their message.

We increase effectiveness of this approach by guaranteeing a high level of accuracy in our mailing lists and our ability to launch and monitor our e-mail campaigns. If need be, we also help our direct marketing clients with market research to help them get closer to their possible consumers

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The available mailing lists at Allied Media Corp. are guaranteed to be 90 percent accurate. This accuracy is achieved through an array of methods including regularly comparing the data to USPS’s National Change of Address database. Using mailing lists has been proven to be an effective way to market directly to potential consumers. This is the reason why 65 percent of the total mail received by an average household is direct mail, according to a poll by Pitney Bowes.

However, we at Allied Media understand that when it comes to direct mail marketing, sheer numbers are not enough. That is why we put a great emphasis on accuracy when it comes to direct mailing. Some of the other methods that ensure the 90 percent accuracy of our lists include:

  • Running the data through ethnic and geographic models
  • Rechecking the accuracy through scientific sample polling
  • Collecting personal information through self-filled surveys

We also guarantee to give you credit for every incorrect contact on the list beyond our 90 percent guarantee.

Direct e-mail marketing is one of our strengths at Allied Media Corp. We not only help our clients launch engaging e-mail campaigns, but we also monitor the accuracy and success of each campaign.

If requested, we can even send creatively designed HTML e-mails to suit the needs of our clientele. The e-mail lists we rent to our clients are regularly checked for accuracy through several means.

Most of the information we know regarding each e-mail address holder—such as age and ethnicity—is voluntarily provided. Another method to check the accuracy of the e-mail lists is what we call a “soft offer.”

Before we rent the e-mail list to our clients, we send e-mails to that address and solicit some kind of response. We also ask each e-mail address holder if they would like to receive messages in the future.

This method gives us some degree of assurance that the holders of addresses on our list are likely to open the e-mails of our clients.

Although e-mails are generally less accurate and reliable than physical addresses, our methods of checking accuracy and ability to monitor the success of our e-mail campaigns allow us to make sure the message of our clients is reaching their audience.

Ethnic Lists

- African American Business-Owners Mailing Lists

- African American Professionals Mailing Lists

- African-American Donors Mailing Lists

- Asian American Professionals Mailing Lists

- Asian Business Owners Mailing Lists

- Chinese American Mailing Lists

- Hispanic Business Owners Mailing Lists

- Hispanic Households Mailing Lists

- Hispanic Ethnic Groups Mailing Lists

- Irish American Mailing Lists

- Irish American Professionals Mailing Lists

- Japanese American Professionals Mailing Lists

- Japanese American Mailing Lists

- Korean American Professionals Mailing Lists

- Korean American Mailing Lists

- African-American Women
- Arab American Households
- Asian Ethnic Groups
- Czech Groups
- Chinese Groups
- Croatian
- Ethnic New Residents
- Ethnic Email Database
- French Groups
- GreekGroups
- Hindu Groups
- Hungarian Groups
- Hispanic Households
- Irish
- Italian
- Japanese
- Jewish Households Mailing Lists
- Korean Speaking Groups
- Norwegian
- Persian Groups
- Portuguese
- Polish Ethnic Groups
- Pakistani Groups
- Russian American
- Turkish
- Thai Ethnic Group
- Catholic Households Mailing Lists
- Jewish American Professionals Mailing Lists
- Jewish Households Mailing Lists
- Jewish Mailing Lists
- Muslim American Mailing Lists
- Muslim American Professionals Mailing Lists
- Protestant Ethnic Groups Mailing Lists



Allied Media Corp's mailing lists are compiled from subscribers, responders, census track data, and the application of a Proprietary "Ethnic Encoding System" to a nationwide household database. Our lists are periodically run against the NCOA (National Change of Address) file that is provided by the US Postal Service.

Marital Status
Mail Order Buyer
Magazine Subscriber
Computer Owner
Book Buyer
Credit Card Holders
Home Value
Length of Residence
Presence of Children
Age of Child Present
Telephones $25.00/thousand

Cheshire Labels: N/C
Pressure Sensitive Labels:  
Telemarketing Cards:
CD-ROM/Zip Tape/


Orders Cancelled after original mail date require payment in full. Orders cancelled prior to original mail date are subject to $50/List, $10/thousand running charge, format charges and shipping costs.

Mailing lists are guaranteed for 94% deliver ability

Minimum Order  5,000
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