Somali Cultural Awareness

Allied Media Corp provides the service of cultural awareness training to ensure that clients are prepared to handle any situation that comes at them. We work with Government Officials, Military Officers, Soldiers, Business Owners, or any professional that has the need to help communicate most effectively with the audience at hand.

Cultural differences can be a huge barrier when trying to achieve successful recruitment, securing partnerships, hosting events and living amongst them. Allied Media trains groups to learn the cultural dos and don’ts to work with or in a particular culture. With the knowledge of critical cultural nuances in your back pocket, you can tackle any situation at hand with grace and ease.

Our first-hand experience and past performance make our services top-notch. Allied knows how to detect your cultural awareness weaknesses and excite your learning power to maximize successful business relationships. After AMC’s training course, each professional will come out self-assured and compelling. The services and cultures below are an overview of Allied Media’s capabilities.

Services We Offer

  • Importance of Culture in Business: Cross-cultural communication
  • Cultural Overview: Profile of history, economy, politics, social trends, etc.
  • Religious and gender roles in business
  • Dispelling stereotypes
  • Business Know-How: Language, common practices, etiquette, effective networking
  • Travelling: Dress, safety, food, currency, existing attitudes toward you Somali Cultural Awareness Training Course

With instability pervading the country, building relationships with those in Somalia or those identifying with Somali culture can be challenging. Allied Media Corp. trains Government Officials, Military Officers, Soldiers, Business Owners, or any professional to overcome the barriers at hand and successfully communicate with this audience.

It is critical to understand the combination of faith, culture and ethnicity that Somalis consider so important. Our course prepares you with the necessary knowledge to dispel any and all stereotypes, and allows you to send the right message with maximum cultural awareness.

Training Course Content

Allied Media’s cultural awareness training is fully integrated to incorporate lessons on situations that may arise with the Somali culture.

Learn about:

  • The history: past and present
  • The ins and outs of Muslim religion
  • The African country’s relation to the Arab world
  • The political, economical and business structure
  • The common customs and correct etiquette
  • The gender and familial roles

By completing this course, you will have not only the learned the foundation of Somali culture, but understand the critical nuances to make for truly effective communication.

Let Allied Media lead you to a successful cross cultural way of business!


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