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By using a combination of local and national media we give a synergy effect to the campaigns of our clients. We make use of our database of Somali American publications, Somali American TVs that are located throughout the United States.

We provide our clients with coverage on channels such as" Somali American TV" and SomL-Ma TV.

we cover all the the population centers of the Somali American. The heaviest concentrations of Somalis in the US are found in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul), followed by Washington, DC; Columbus, Ohio; New York City; Buffalo, New York; Kansas City; San Diego; San Francisco; Seattle metro areas. Arizona has seen notable Somali migration in recent years, mostly to Phoenix and Tucson. Other states with significant Somali communities include Ohio, California, Georgia, Washington, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Colorado and Florida.

We keep tabs on which media outlets are top ranking and which ones are rapidly growing. We have established prices that are pre-negotiated with the media outlets. Therefore, we not only provide our clients with the best possible coverage, but we also assure that your budget gets a good overall value.

The Somali American population is fast growing. Demographically, significant proportion falls within the most preferred age bracket of 18 to 49 years. Increasing influx of younger professionals in the fields of business and computer a cohesive and rapidly growing visible minority.
Allied Media's programs ensure that publicity; promotion or advertising is not the end result, but that each is part of an overall effort to better support sales and maximizes client's return on investment.

We work with a wide array of newspapers, Magazines and TV channels that reach out to the Somali American community, Somali American leaders, Sports Events, Culture Events and etc.

T.V Channels

  • Somali American TV
  • SomL-Ma TV

Radio Stations:

  • Salg Radio
  • XNKF Radio
  • liyo Radio
  • ran radio

Media Consulting

Allied Media provides advertisers a clear image of what makes this ethnic Market, the relationship of the Somali communities with the media, their behavior and the way to effectively reach out to them.
Allied Media has been working with the Communities long enough to know about what type of advertising works effectively and what doesn't. We believe that our clients should understand the cultural differences, the subtleties of the culture and the language in order to deliver an honest non-offending and effective content.

As an example of the campaigns we ran for a client, Allied Media provided a media plan that provided the client with a clear understanding of when to advertise, the best time to do it, where to advertise and what to say or write in the ad. Allied Media provided numbers and charts giving the client a clear understanding of the demographic distribution of the Somali American Community in the U.S...
Allied Media works with all Media outlets that reach out to the community. We provide our client’s information on local and national Somali television channels, their viewership and coverages; the Somali Newspapers and Magazines, their readership and demographics, and finally Somali Radio broadcasters and programs.

We take into account advertisers specific needs and provide custom made recommendations that would generate maximum response as well as build long term relationships with the community.


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