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Somali American Advertising & Marketing

Since 1999, Allied Media Corporation (AMC) has been serving Corporate and Government clients with local, national and international marketing campaigns.
AMC is a leader in multicultural communications with a diverse staff of experts.

Media Placement and Consulting: Allied Media plans and executes campaigns on local, national, and international levels. We can narrow cast local Somali targeted campaigns based on particular needs or expand them to reach the national and international Somali communities. Our established relationships with Somali media enable the lowest costing placements and leverage premium advertisement positioning. We track and analyze results to optimize on campaign activities and enhance return on investment, providing you with a media campaign that is customized for your needs and is results driven.

Community Outreach: We package your message according to cultural context and sensitivities of the Somali community and display it with strategic public relations tactics. This includes creating and disseminating in language press releases and ensuring media coverage, facilitating media interviews, creating partnerships with Somali organizations, and utilizing and planning community events. The result is a word of mouth campaign coming from the trusted influencers in the Somali community.

Creative and Production: Allied Media's creative team has the expertise and market knowledge to ensure a culturally relevant message for Somali communities both inside and outside the US. Our capabilities include but are not limited to: in-house studio and production equipment, Somali experts and most importantly a creative team that converts concepts and ideas into powerful deliverables for any medium needed: video, multimedia, or print.

Distribution: Allied Media Corp. distributes and displays client's literatures and material in hundreds of locations in the Somali community. At Allied Media, we believe that client literature will reach targeted areas inside or outside the US with significant Somali presence. We utilize our relationships with Somali stores, markets, community centers, restaurants in order to get the maximum exposure of our client's message. This service provides a unique opportunity for our client's message to be displayed through billboards, posters, flyers, and brochures at relevant community gathering places.

Allied Media Corporation has full-service communications and program management capability to reach out to the Somali community both in the US and at the national and local levels in Somalia.

Allied Media has expertise in the following areas:

- Application of Behavioral Change Methods for Public Information Campaigns
- Media Campaign Cycle: Concept, Development, Production, Distribution
- Market Research and Intelligence
  • Focus Groups and Surveys
  • Media Effects Analysis and Effectiveness Assessment
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