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Dar Al Hayat's website is a primary source of information for all readers seeking
an alternative perspective and in-depth reporting on the Middle East and the
Arab world.
Along with its daily selection of Al-Hayat's editorials, analyses, features and
reports, we bring round-the-clock news thanks to Al-Hayat's vast team of
correspondents deployed around the globe.

PORTAL STATISTICS boasts with an impressive 3 million page-views per month. The
portal serves 320,000 unique visitors from over 80 countries, with each visitor
reading around 9 pages per visit.


Around 85% of the portal's traffic consists of male visitors. The following pie charts
illustrate the distribution of the total traffic over age groups, occupation, country of
origin and country of residence:

The following table lists all possible ways to advertise on

Banner Size Type Location
Header banner 468x60 GIF/Flash Main page top  header
Header button 120x60 GIF Main page top  header
Half-Tower 120x300 GIF/Flash Main page left column
Skyscraper 120x600 GIF/Flash Inside pages left column
Inside Header banner 468x60 GIF/Flash Inside pages top  header
Inside Header button 120x60 GIF Inside pages top  header

Al Hayat's Ad Management Server can deliver ads to visitors with specific criteria. Targeting options include: Date & Time (Weekdays & Time of day), Geographical targeting (Continent, Country) andSoftware targeting (Operating System, Browser). Rates of targeted ads are at an additional 70% of the above rates.
Targeted ads are considered non-exclusive and are subject to refresh-based rotation.

To book an advertisement, contact Allied Media Corp:
Please note that banners must be submitted at least 7 working days prior to campaign launch. Advertisers will receive access to statistics reports to monitors and evaluate campaign resu



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