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Al Hayat Newspaper

A Lebanese journalist, Kamil Mroue, had started Al-Hayat in 1946. It was a conservative daily was sympathetic to pro western governments in the area. In 1966 Mroue was assassinated. The newspaper was shut down in 1976 following the outbreak of civil war in Lebanon.

Major Releases

Jamil Mroue, Kamil’s son, relaunched Al-Hayat in London in October 1988 with the financial support of the Saudi prince, Khaled bin Sultan, who subquently took over ownership. Al-Hayat played a decisive role during the first Gulf war, It opened its pages to Iraqi opposition movements.

It remains a pluralist paper in which journalists evenly distributed between the pro-Arab and western camps. But although it provides a pan-Arab view of the news, the Lebanese perspective prevails.
The newspaper is the foremost international daily newspaper for the Arab-speaking market. Its reporting and point view has enhanced its reputation as the one of the most authoritative voice in the Arab press and the yard stick by which other Arab newspapers are measured.

The independent Arabic-language daily newspaper published in London with worldwide morning-of-publication distribution. Fully computerized and incorporating the latest news-gathering, design, satellite transmission and print technology, it is printed s in London, Frankfurt, Cairo, Bahrain, Beirut, New York. Its combined print run ranges between 160,000 and 170,000, depending on the availability of aircraft from printing centers to certain Arab capitals.
Al Hayat Newspaper
t employs leading Arab journalists, most of them bilingual or trilingual with extensive working experience in and outside the Arab world, and backs them with international network of bureaus and correspondents. Its major bureaus in Beirut, Cairo, Riyadh, Jeddah, Manama, Paris, Washington and Moscow, staffed by full-time journalists, are complemented by correspondents in all Arab and most world capitals. Their work has established AL-Hayat as the daily with the most comprehensive, reliable and in-depth coverage in the Arab world.

Bylines on Al-Hayat's op-ed page are a who's who of Arab political leaders and analysts, with occasional guest commentators from Europe, the Americas and Russia. Special attention has been given to the paper's business section. Fed by their own team of correspondents and exclusive access to the material of London's Financial Times, Al-Hayat's business-and-economy pages, including full page of stock and share listings, have been called "a newspaper within a newspaper".

It is considered a premium media platform for advertising. It's readership includes decision makers in the arab business world and politics. It is popular for recruitment advertising and with financial services advertisers and marketers.
It is a cost effective way to reach a large swath of the Middle Estern Market.

Al Hayat offers new advertisers attractive advertising rates; however, it is the reach of the paper that has the most positive effect in attracting new advertising revenues.

Because of flexibility of having three local editions in addition to the international daily edition allows it to attract a wide range of advertisers, both local and global.

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