Al Hayat is the foremost international daily newspaper for the Arab-speaking market. Its objective reporting and independent point view has enhanced its reputation as the most authoritative and respected voice in the Arab press and the yard stick by which other Arab newspapers are measured.

Al-Hayat is an independent Arabic-language daily newspaper published in London with worldwide morning-of-publication distribution. Fully computerized and incorporating the latest news-gathering, design, satellite transmission and print technology, it is printed simultaneously in London, Frankfurt, Cairo, Bahrain, Beirut, New York and, during the summer, Marseille.

Al Hayat Newspaper

Its combined print run ranges between 160,000 and 170,000, depending on the availability of aircraft from printing centres to certain Arab capitals.

Al-Hayat employs leading Arab journalists, most of them bilingual or trilingual with extensive working experience in and outside the Arab world, and backs them with international network of bureaus and correspondents. Its major bureaus in Beirut, Cairo, Riyadh, Jeddah, Manama, Paris, Washington and Moscow, staffed by full-time journalists, are complemented by correspondents in all Arab and most world capitals. Their work has established Ai-Hayat as the daily with the most comprehensive, reliable and in-depth coverage in the Arab world.

Bylines on Al-Hayat's op-ed page are a who's who of Arab political leaders and analysts, with occasional guest commentators from Europe, the Americas and Russia.

Special attention has been given to the paper's business section. Fed by their own team of correspondents and exclusive access to the material of London's Financial Times, Al-Hayat's business-and-economy pages, including the Arab world's only full page of stock and share listings, have been called "a newspaper within a newspaper".

Al-Hayat was founded in Beirut in 1946 and quickly became one of the best known and most respected publications in the Arab world. Its founder-editor, Kamel Mrowa, was assassinated in his office in 1966, and it ceased publication ten years later, when the Lebanese civil war made Lebanon inhospitable to the free press. It was relaunched in London in 1988, rebuilding its reputation for reliable news and independent views within a year.

Today, with its most advanced state-of-the-art production and communication technology, Al-Hayat is reaching its readers in the morning global-wide.

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Column Width: 40 mm
Column Margin Width: 5 mm
Number of Columns: 8


Cancellation Policy
Request or notice of cancellation shall be received in writing 15 days prior to publication day.
Confirmed FRONT & BACK PAGE cannot be cancelled.

Material Requirements
Color: 2 sets color films w/2 sets of color separation + 1 -ve or +ve film.
B&W : 2 -ve or +ve films + 2 proofs.
Arabian Peninsula:
Color: 1 set color film with 1 set color separation.
B&W : 1 -ve or +ve film + 1 proof.


Material Deadline
International: 7 working days prior to publication date.
Peninsula: 5 working days prior to publication date.

Material Specifications
Positive CMYK
85 lines per inch screen
Right reading
Emulsion side down
Black & White:
Negative or Positive
100 lines per inch screen
Right reading
Emulsion side down


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