Al Hayat Major ArabicNewspaper


Print Advertising Sizes

Al Hayat Daily : sizes per columns


Al Hayat Daily : sizes:3,2,1 columns

Al Hayat Daily : 2 columns, 1/4 quarter page

Al Hayat Daily : half page, quarter page

Al Hayat Daily : 5 cplumns ad, 2 columns ad

Al Hayat Daily Full Page

CM - COL. / Inside Half Page Inside
CM - COL. / P2 Half Page / P2
CM - COL. / P3 Half Page / P3
CM - COL. / P4 Half Page / P4
CM - COL. / P5 Half Page / P5
CM - COL. / Front Page Full Page Inside
CM - COL. / Back Page Full Page / P2
Quarter Inside Page Full Page / P3
Quarter Page / P2 Full Page / P4
Quarter Page / P3 Full Page / P5
Quarter Page / P4 Ear Panel/Front (Annual)
Quarter Page / P5 Ear Panel/1st. Business (Annual)
Loose Inserts Saudi Arabia  
25% Additional for one color
10% Additional for fixed position
20% Additional for Fire Place
100% Additional for Advertorial
Note: Space Availability on first business page: Up to half page size only

al hayat

Column Width: 40 mm
Column Margin Width: 5 mm
Number of Columns: 8


Cancellation Policy
Request or notice of cancellation shall be received in writing 15 days prior to publication day.
Confirmed FRONT & BACK PAGE cannot be cancelled.

Material Requirements
Color: 2 sets color films w/2 sets of color separation + 1 -ve or +ve film.
B&W : 2 -ve or +ve films + 2 proofs.
Arabian Peninsula:
Color: 1 set color film with 1 set color separation.
B&W : 1 -ve or +ve film + 1 proof.


Material Deadline
International: 7 working days prior to publication date.
Peninsula: 5 working days prior to publication date.

Material Specifications
Positive CMYK
85 lines per inch screen
Right reading
Emulsion side down
Black & White:
Negative or Positive
100 lines per inch screen
Right reading
Emulsion side down


For Al Hayat Advertising, Media Kit and Rate Card, Display Ads
Please contat:
or call 703.333.2008



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McLean, VA 22101