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101 East  Broadcast from our studio in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, 101 East aims to break ground in issues of particular relevance to Asia – where free journalistic debate is not always a part of the everyday broadcast menu. Primarily a talk show, with invited studio guests, 101 East will react to the day’s news in Asia, as well visiting topics of ongoing interest locally, and to the rest of the world.
Presented by Richard Gizbert, LISTENING POST reviews the world’s electronic media, casting a skeptical eye over how other broadcasters are reporting, and challenging when news has become propaganda. LISTENING POST monitors and examines all forms of media. From the biggest network to the most obscure web bloggers, LISTENING POST reports critically on what they cover – and what they don’t. It examines the big stories and explains how and why coverage of them differs in different parts of the world.
The Fabulous Picture
Broadcast on alternate weeks and presented by Amanda Palmer, THE FABULOUS PICTURE SHOW will go beyond the neon lights and red carpets to explore all aspects of film and its production
with extensive reporting on independent film, world and experimental cinema, shorts, animation as well as the best from Hollywood.
In a series of film-related stories and interviews from all corners of the globe, THE FABULOUS PICTURE SHOW will include profiles on people both in front and behind of the camera, by featuring amateurs and professionals, whether they are actors, editors, directors, composers, cinematographers, screen writers
The Riz Khan
THE RIZ KHAN SHOW is a live interactive show that allows viewers to directly question world leaders, newsmakers and celebrities. The program is hosted by internationally renowned journalist Riz Khan and addresses key issues and trends impacting lives around the globe. RIZ KHAN will seek out thought-leaders from
the developing world as well as the economic power houses and the issues debated on the streets and in the corridors of power. The show is broadcast live from Washington DC four times weekly with particular emphasis on viewer participation.
Witness WITNESS is presented daily from our London studios by Rageh Omaar, with content gathered from all 4 broadcast centers, WITNESS is the channel’s flagship documentary strand. Featuring fully-commissioned, coproduced and acquired programming, WITNESS is a 22-minute daily documentary revealing the lives of people whose stories are usually not told. WITNESS reveals unique perspectives on big issues - from climate change and AIDS, to post-conflict challenges and the challenges facing our children’s future.
48 48 is an entertainment program Amanda Palmer and crew will explore some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. 48 will examine everything from cultural and religious events to the social and economic backdrop of each unique location. Exploiting local knowledge, 48 will tell the story of each destination through the untold stories of its inhabitants - with stories covering education, arts, culture, fads and tradition, youth issues, music, new industries, housing - or sometimes the lack of it.
Frost Over
The World
FROST OVER THE WORLD Sir David Frost, one of the world’s most celebrated broadcasters, invites the world’s most powerful and famous to join in conversation from London every Friday evening. With Sir David’s guests in the studio will be members of the foreign press bureau in London and contributions from guests in Al Jazeera’s other broadcast centers who will frankly review the matters affecting the world. FROST OVER THE WORLD is an independent production from David Paradine Productions.
People & Power PEOPLE & POWER Presented twice weekly by Dr. Shereen El Feki, this program will bring strong but accessible reportage from the world of politics and business, looking at influence far beyond the boardroom or elected chambers. PEOPLE & POWER reports on the use and abuse of power and wealth around the world. At its heart are matters of global corporate governance, world trade issues and market imbalances, corporate graft, corruption and organized crime.
One On One ONE ON ONE A weekly show profiling celebrities and newsmakers from around the globe, with a focus on their personal histories, defining moments and goals in life. The Program provides an intimate look into their philosophy of life and the events and people that influenced their careers. The guests include a wide range of personalities who are known internationally or regionally for the work they have done. These include His Highness The Dalai Lama, Sir Bob Geldof, CBS veteran journalist Mike Wallace, Canadian rocker Bryan Adams, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, former First Lady of Egypt Jehan Sedat and singer songwriter Angelique Kidjo.
the Cost
Counting the Cost provides background to the economics stories that shape our world and impact on the lives of ordinary people.
Inside Iraq IPresented live from our Doha studios by Jasim Azawi, INSIDE IRAQ is a weekly current affairs program focusing attention on current political and military developments in Iraq. INSIDE IRAQ will explore issues and stories other networks avoid or find difficult to tackle; it will provide a platform to politicians, decision makers, legislators, scholars, experts, academics, media specialists and journalists of various backgrounds and nationalities to articulate their positions and provide our viewers with insightful perspectives and analyses on one of the most important and controversial hot spots currently unfolding on the global political stage.
Inside Story  Broadcast daily from Doha studios, dissects the top story of the day, providing analysis, background, and context from some of the best minds in the Middle East and abroad. More than just the news;
INSIDE STORY asks how we got to today, and what tomorrow might have in store. Its Arabic sister show, "Ma Wara al Khabar" (Behind the News) is one of Al Jazeera's most respected and successful programs and is watched by millions of people every day. Inside Story aims to meet that standard, all the while bringing in new
voices from across new borders, and presenting it all in our own style.
Business Latest BUSINESS LATEST A fast moving combination of graphics and music giving the latest economic indicators - dollar, euro, yen rates, gold and oil price, stock exchange from New York, London and Tokyo will be broadcast every hour.
Veterans Veterans Six-part series looking at the fate of veterans from some of the world's most savage or forgotten conflicts. Whether they are conscripts, civilians, survivors - all have felt the shock of war and have been forced or chosen to fight to defend their country, their families or even an idea they do not fully comprehend.



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