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Al Jazeera Investigative Programs        
An analytical, documentary-style program penetrates into the heart of matters usually shrouded in secrecy, exposing the real issues at hand. Relying on tangible evidence and expert analysis from observers and players in the field.

Al Jazeera This Morning          
This news bulletin is Al Jazeera’s main morning show. It includes the latest news items & reports, in addition to sports, press review and feature stories.

Between the Lines       
The latest events, seen through the eyes of newspapers and magazines - showing their perspective on the world.   

Economic Bulletin
Today’s trends in world markets

News Bulletins 
On-the hour News bulletins with detailed live, on-the-spot reporting by the Al Jazeera worldwide network of correspondents in all major Arab and international cities and capitals. Political, economic and other important developments are given accurate, unbiased coverage.
International news with emphasis on Arab world developments. Up to the minute coverage, using the world's top news agencies and our network of correspondents and journalists.

Today's Harvest 
An Extensive one-hour news bulletin program offering news coverage, compiling the headline news of the day in an extensive format, along with in-depth analysis and interviews. In addition to politics, the program also features highlights of economic and sports news.

Today's Interview        
Pre-recorded interviews with politicians, academics, and world leaders. Various Al Jazeera correspondents put themselves at the forefront of investigative journalism with their guests in the hot seat, grilling them with daring, comprehensive questions.   

Weekly File     
Unique in subject and presentation, this program analyzes the week's most important events in-depth, and discusses the causes and effects of the latest developments in a variety of fields.  Features interviews with experts and newsmakers.












Al Jazeera Platform                
An audience expresses opinions about issues concerning Arabs all over the world.

Century Witness          
Every week, this program hosts a different personality who played a significant role in Arab politics during the past decades. They bear witness to the most important events during their time in leading positions, exposing facts that were shrouded in secrecy for years.

Cultural Forum
A panorama of variety from the Arab cultural scene hosting the leading innovators in intellectuals pursuit, art, theatre, cinema and music, trying to discover new generation of innovators in these fields. A program which will open the way for dialogue and debate of cultural issues objectively allowing for one & the other opinion.

For Women Only        
A first on Arab television, Al Jazeera has broken ground with the launching of this new discussion program presented by Montaha Al Ramahi and geared specifically towards women. Distinguished, educated women from all over the Arab world come to express their points of view regarding critical social, political, scientific and environmental issues. As with most Al Jazeera programs based on this format, audience input is vital to the show. 

More than One Opinion
A platform for a variety of opinions and views on political, economic, social, scientific and cultural issues. This weekly, live interactive program hosts varied personalities and experts on specific Arab and international issues.

No Frontiers
A discussion program that focuses on current affairs of interest to viewers from all sectors of society. Guests include politicians, party leaders, intellectuals, academics, experts and Islamic scholars who share their knowledge with the public and provide answers to audience queries.

Open Dialogue
Decision makers and intellectuals answer questions live from the audience on topics of general interest.  

Opposite Direction
For the fifth year in a row, The Opposite Direction continues its tireless pursuit of daring controversial topics, and remains one of the most popular interactive programs amongst the Arabic-language Satellite Channels. Every Week, Dr. Faisal Al Qassem moderates a debate between two personalities with opposing views on a certain issue.     

Religion & Life
Every week, Sheikh Yussef Al Qaradawi, a renowned Muslim scholar, tackles subjects of public concern in the Arab world, analyzing and filtering them through an Islamic point of view. The show relies on an open format, with audience participation. On certain occasions, the show also hosts other Muslim intellectuals, insuring a wide representation of differing Muslim ideologies.

Without Bounds
A political, academic or scientific personality agrees to answer questions "without bounds". There are no limits or taboos, and viewers can phone in their own questions.












A Book Is the Best Companion
A program about western books in which dealing with Islamic issues are discussed.


Age of Speed
A series showcasing the technologies of car engines and designs. The series will compare recent industry developments with old styles, and includes motorcycles and speedboats.

Cinema In A Week
An enthralling entertainment program, offering viewers early sneak peaks of the latest Hollywood spectaculars, covering international events in the world of filmmaking.  The show features movie clips, interviews with stars, and a countdown of the 10 most popular movies.

Commanding the Heights of Economy  
The series chronicles the battle for economic power, the struggle between government and markets around the world. It confronts critical issues that have defined the wealth and fate of nations and will shape our lives in the 21st century.

Date In Exile 
The program focuses on Arab personalities who emigrated to foreign countries early in their careers. They reveal their path to the top in their respective fields and how they managed to hold on to and celebrate their Arab Identity within the context of Western culture & civilization.

Friends Of The Arabs
Every edition of this weekly program chronicles the life of a Westerner who has chosen to live in an Arabic country.  The show sheds light on all aspects of living in an Arab society and how a Westerner adapts to life among Arabs. 

The History of Water  
Each episode presents the history of a body of water from the Himalayas to the deep heart of Africa, passing across great seas and oceans.

A program about travel and tourism in the world's most famous tourist sites and regions. It aims to explore the many facets of the industry which supports the economies of some of the hottest locations.

Pictures Talk
A program in which images speak for themselves. Some of the most striking video footage from around the world is televised unedited, with all original sound.  The viewer is invited to draw his own conclusions.

Sports Bulletin
Results and highlights from the world of sports.

World of Technology
A program that showcases all the latest technological advances.

An Award Winning Women's Program.  Zena takes its audience on a 30 minutes weekly tour of the world of fashion, covering wide-range of topics like Haute Couture, Make-up, Perfumes, and Jewelry. The program showcases the latest trends in fashion, as well as interviews with the most famous designers.

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