Why Advertise on Al Jazeera?

Al Jazeera is tapping you into a global market: The affluent and informed Arabic and English Speaking consumers. It has been proven time and again that Al Jazeera is one of the most watched Global news providers. 

  • Al Jazeera has extensive media coverage, reaching millions of households around the globe, claiming at least 80 million viewers. The substantial combined number of worldwide potential customers will help solidify your global appeal and give your organization a unique opportunity to grow.
  • It continues its outreach by expanding its current global offices and launching a new English language channel. The channel broadcasting out of London, Washington and Qatar will provide your company a unique opportunity to reach untapped markets. 

  • Al Jazeera is watched by reporters, decision makers, various governments and leaders for their latest breaking news and video that are often exclusive to Al Jazeera.  This concentrated demographic of distinctive viewers is an exceptional resource for any organization or corporation with a message.





Allied Media Can Help You Communicate With This Audience:

  • Allied Media can help place your ad to air during the most relevant program to target a specific demographic consumer group.

  • Allied Media offers competitive advertising and marketing packages exclusively tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Allied Media develops, conceptualizes, and produces memorable advertising that helps you as a client strategize your market appeal and brand yourselves within your targeted Al Jazeera audience

  • Al Jazeera’s website averages hundrerds of millions of hits! Allied Media’s team of creative experts can create eye-catching advertising banners and buttons to place on the website.






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