Asharq Al-Awsat :
The Leading Daily Arab International Newspaper

Arabs both home and abroad read Asharq Al-Awsat for up-to the- minute coverage of national and international news. A global network of news bureaus provides the latest in politics, business and sports as well as in-depth feature articles and expert analyses.

Printed simultaneously on four continents in 12 cities, Asharq Al- Awsat is the preferred Arab-language daily, especially among educated decision-makers who have affluent lifestyles and sophisticated tastes.

Recognised for its name, 'International Newspaper of the Arabs', AAA continues to out perform every regional or local arabic daily newspaper by sustaining its incomparible style. The force behind such success is partly due to its dedicated and experienced team of skilled arabic speaking journalists, editors and columnists combining editorial talent,professionalism, years of journalistic knowledge and the motivation for news reporting. Famous for conducting indepth interviews with prominent and influential personalities alike, AAA news team attempt to convey objective and imapartial questions of engaging and informative quality to arab and non-arab readers worldwide. Thus reflecting the journalistic integrity of the newspaper over the years.

  • Statement of Audience: Executives; members of all income levels, with higher reach in upper income levels
  • Circulation: 236,988
  • Launched in London 1978
  • Target : Executives
  • Leading Arab International Daily Newspaper
  • Printed in 14 Destinations
  • Language : Arabic
  • Average daily sales : 236,988
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