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Editorial content

Editorial Content
Daily Topics


Minimum 9 Pages
Updated International, Regional and Local political News
Exclusive hot political news
Each page is titled by a theme that reflects its content
Asharq Al Awsat Corrections
News Development
Brief political news


Minimum 6 Pages
Updated International, Regional and Local economic News
Currency Exchange rates
Companies news
Brief economic news
Rates & analysis of the Stock Market in the Arab World
News about Economic Events


Minimum two pages
Analysis of famous Arabic writers as Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Rashed, Ahamd Al Rabei, Hussain Shobokshi, Samir Attalah, Anis Mansour, Ghida Fakhry etc….
Opinion of famous Politicians as Jack Straw , Al Sadiq Al Mahdi ETC…. 
Opinion of International Writers 
Readers opinion by Mail


Minimum one page
Latest Reports about subjects of interest to the Arab World


Minimum one page
Interview with a famous politician

Sports (Aalam Al Riyadah) 

Minimum 7 pages
Updated Local, Regional & International Sport News & Analysis 
Exclusive hot sports topics 
Interview with famous players , couches & sports referees 
Analysis of famous sports writers  
Exclusive association with La Gazzetta dello Sport to include the latest news, updates and analysis of Italy and Spain league

Daily East  

Minimum three page
Latest celebrities News – This is issued on Friday within TV & Cinema Section
TV program Grids – This is issued on Friday within TV & Cinema Section
Cultura news
Society news
Article by Mr. Khaled Al Kashtini


One page
Association with
Weather forecast across the world 
Weather  summary in major region of the world 
Hijri calendar 
Worldwide prayer times
Cross Words


Minimum 4 pages
Elite hot political / social exclusive subjects interest to AAA readers
Each Saturday minimum one page about Water 
Local news : Summary & Detailed
Interactive - Readers opinion by mail 
Analysis of famous Saudi writers

Weekly Sections

Every Saturday – Real Estate
Every Sunday – Media
Every Monday – Fashion / Style
Every Tuesday – IT / Computer
Every Wednesday – Travel & Tourism
Every Wednesday – Literature & Books – Tabloid size
Every Thursday – Cars
Every Thursday – Clinic \ Health
Every Friday – Outlook / Weekly Preview
Every Friday – TV / Cinema
Real Estate


Published every Saturday
Minimum 4 pages
Latest Local & Regional news about the Real Estate Market 
Updates about the Real Estate projects launched 
News about Real Estate companies 


Published every Sunday
Minimum 4 Pages
Updated news about local & international medium 
Latest news about media issues 
Selection of the best cover in the foreign Magazines
Media society news 
News about the media books
Interactive - Readers opinion by Mail
Article by Ms. Diana Mokaled – The famous Lebanese Journalist

Fashion / Style

Published every Monday
Minimum 4 Pages
Latest news about beauty 
Special coverage  about fashion
Article by Ms. Fawziah Salamah
Questions & answers

IT \ Computer 

Published every Tuesday
Minimum 4 Pages
Updated news about technology 
Electronics devices breakthrough 
Special report about computer innovations 

Travel & Tourism

Published every Wednesday 
Minimum 4 Pages
Special reports about touristic  destinations around the world
Updated tourist guide (Accommodation , Visas , Tickets … ETC)

Literature & Books (External Section)

distributed free with AAA
Published every Wednesday
Minimum 16 pages Tabloid Size
Features about running plays 
Specialized analysis  about cultural events 
Latest news about books \ literature  
Politicians most read books


Published every Thursday 
Minimum 2 Pages
Updated news about car technology 
Latest news about car models  
Fast news : Brief news about modifications on cars 
Coverage of cars exhibitions


Published every Thursday
Minimum 4 pages 
Latest news about medical treatment
Between right & wrong: The famous Dr. Abd El Hafez Koja gives the correct medical information about misperceptions Health Problems 
Questions & Answers by Dr. Hasan Sandikji
Interactive - Readers opinion by mail

Outlook \ Weekly Preview 

Published every Friday 
Minimum 4 Pages
Focused in-depth analysis of major political news that happened in the previous week  
Sketch from assorted  publication 
Summarized important quotes from politicians 
Interactive - Readers opinion by mail

TV \ Cinema

Published every Friday 
Minimum 4 pages 
Update news about TV programs & TV Program Grids
Latest news about cinema & films blockbuster  
Interview with celebrity 
Article by Mr. Mohamed Al Zahiri
Interactive - Readers opinion by mail

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