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MBC is the leading free-to-air, pan-Arab, news and entertainment channel. MBC's guiding philosophy has always been to lead and innovate. Satellite transmission first started from London in September 1991, making MBC the first-ever, independent Arabic satellite TV station and a market leader, delivering news and quality, family entertainment programming to more than 130 million Arabic speaking people around the world. MBC has recently moved its headquarters to Dubai Media City, enabling the whole production process to be closer to its Arab viewers. The center has been described as one of the new wonders of the satellite transmission world.

MBC is constantly building on its core strengths to add new dimensions in an ever changing and competitive world of broadcast in the Middle East. All this has led to MBC becoming the most effective pan-Arab medium to link advertisers with their consumers.

MBC has successfully launched two brand new free-to-air channels, offering 24-hour news and entertainment to the Arab world. '2' is an entertainment movie channel and Al Arabiya a 24hour News Channel. MBC TV Network, Inc. and its sister company, the Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC), have joined forces to entertain, inform, and promote the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of Arabs living worldwide.

MBC is the sole U.S. distributor for MBC news, the London-based broadcast that is the leading source of news for Arabic speaking audiences around the world.  The independent views andhigh-standards of production that MBC employ have allowed the networks to be in a league of their own. MBC entertains and inform viewers as well as bring together all Arab cultures in one comprehensive television service.

MBC TV is the largest and the most prestigious Arab-American network in the United States broadcasting 24 hours a day in both Arabic and English languages. Designed to be reflective of the Arab-American community's needs and interests, MBC TV is committed to delivering superior standards of programming. The network produces a variety of programming developed exclusively in their studios. With certain programming in English as well as programming with English subtitling, mbc draws an audience that includes second and third generation Arab-Americans.

MBC TV 's programming lineup include movies, soap operas, cultural programs, news, public affairs, live coverage of local and national elections and community events, sports, science, children's shows, family entertainment, and how-to programs. MBC TV also showcases the best dramatic and cinematic productions the Arab world has to offer, as well as independently produced programs aimed at the special interests of the Arab-American audience.

The Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC), headquartered in London, extends its reach throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South America, reaching 300 million Arabs. MBC is the largest and most-watched Arabic language network in the Arab world, known as: "the CNN of the Arab world" by the New York Times. On the whole, MBC's programs and news broadcasts offer a completely new and unparalleled service for the Arabic-speaking viewer.

MBC's service covers Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, allowing the Arabic speaking people of the world to be in-touch with their own cultural traditions as well as be up-to-date on world events, whether at home in the Middle East, or Europe and Africa.





MBC is determined to further invest in the modernisation of MBC’s programs. Their strategic plans will reinforce once again the fact that MBC is and always will be the number one entertainment channel in the Arab region, with the closest competitors falling far behind.  MBC is committed to providing high quality entertainment and news, which will continuously delight the Arabic speaking audiences and clients. MBC will further keep innovating in order to stimulate viewers by encouraging and implementing new ideas and concepts. They continue to work towards maintaining and further strengthening their leadership role and positive image.

  • MBC TV ‘s leadership in gaining audiences has been confirmed across various researches.
  • It has set the standard in the Middle East and created trends in broadcasting.
  • MBC ‘s high quality productions attracts record audiences.
  • MBC ‘s commitment to quality and family needs allows it to deliver to the affluent viewers who are usually difficult to reach on other stations.
  • MBC continues to invest in new programs catered to the requirements and tastes of the various researched profiles within the Middle East
  • In terms of media delivery, MBC excels over other channels in cost effectiveness.
  • The history of MBC's presenters and programs is widely diversified from any territorial or regional scope
  • The current affairs program's aim is to offer the viewers topics of Pan Arab interest through MBC TV ‘s largest network of correspondents (a total of 65 reporters.)
  • All the programs of MBC TV abide by the socio religious norms of the society it is operating in, which established MBC TV as a “safe family” station.
  • MBC TV is the only station with a genuine Pan Arab coverage.

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