A Ten Year Pioneer, MBC is the leading free-to-air, pan-Arab, news and entertainment channel. MBC's guiding philosophy has always been to lead and innovate. Satellite transmission first started from London in September 1991, making MBC the first-ever, independent Arabic satellite TV station and a market leader, delivering news and quality, family entertainment programming to more than 130 million Arabic speaking people around the world. MBC has recently moved its headquarters to Dubai Media City, enabling the whole production process to be closer to its Arab viewers. The centre has been described as one of the new wonders of the satellite transmission world.

MBC is constantly building on its core strengths to add new dimensions in an ever changing and competitive world of broadcast in the Middle East. All this has led to MBC becoming the most effective pan-Arab medium to link advertisers with Arab-American consumers.

MBC has successfully launched two brand new free-to-air channels, offering 24-hour news and entertainment to the Arab world. '2' is an entertainment movie channel, and Al Arabiya, a 24hour News Channel. Established in 1991, MBC TV has pioneered the media revolution in the Middle East. MBC TV is an accurate representation of the Arabic culture in all its forms and shapes with the objective to fulfill people’s interests and desires by offering them high quality and exclusive programs.


MBC is committed to delivering the best in TV entertainment. This has repeatedly and consistently reinforced the company’s commitment to producing programs that are by far the most diverse, interesting and unique in the region. The station’s sustainable success in the Middle East is also evidence of their competitive advantage. MBC News retains its position as the Middle East’s most credible and trusted source of news. It is regarded as number one provider of Gulf, national and sports news. MBC is equally renowned for its wide range of quality Arabic and Western films/series. Furthermore, MBC’s acquisition of global brands, such as the Warner Brothers movies, emphasizes MBC’s greater advantage over the pay per view and other subscription based operators in the region.

  • MBC is dedicated to bringing its audiences the latest and most informative news from around the world the moment it happens. Stimulating current affairs programs also discuss and debate in-depth hot issues drawn from current events.
  • MBC constantly brings to its children viewers new and exciting global brands, including the wide range of Disney cartoons.
  • MBC’s professional and quality coverage approach of worldwide sports events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics, highlights its commitment to sports. MBC's main focus however remains on the major sports tournaments and competitions throughout the Middle East and the Gulf regions.
  • MBC continues its success in delivering original and innovative Arabic language television programs. From gripping controversial dramas such as "Al Hur Al Ein", to entertaining comedies such as "Tash Ma Tash."
MBC’s Arabic viewers have one thing in common, they represent the different and diverse aspects and values of the Arabic family, wherever it is in the world. Consequently, MBC has preserved and strengthened the well-established bond between the programs, audiences and advertisers.

Through Allied Media, MBC TV is tapping you into an important market: The affluent Arab and Arab-American consumer living in the United States and worldwide. To reach this expanding market, MBC TV's Institutional Services Group is working to deliver MBC TV programming to:

  • Hotels and Resorts worldwide:  Both groups find that the availability of MBC TV 's news and its programming serves as an important sales tool in marketing their services to travelers from the Arab world.
  • Hospitals:   MBC TV's Arabic-language cartoons and films, as well as its news programs, offer a comforting sense of home to individuals who may have come from the Arab World seeking medical treatment.
  • Universities:  MBC is an important asset to Middle East related studies, international politics programs, and to international students.
  • Government: Government officials and political scientists have already recognized that they can depend on MBC TV for the latest unbiased news from the Arab World.


Benefits of advertising on MBC include:

Specific targeting of various Arabic audiences in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia guarantees a well identified target audience.
MBC has an extensive media coverage and reach.

  • Successful association of brands with high quality programs and news.
  • Competitive advertising and marketing packages through Allied Media.
  • MBC’s structured ad breaks provide more efficiency for the advertiser.
  • Simply, it re-affirms MBC’s position as the leading Pan Arab station.
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