MBC attracts global brands

"MBC gets to the heart of family life in the Middle East with credible news and quality entertainment programs, reflecting the values, needs and aspirations of our viewers. MBC is therefore the most effective Pan Arab medium to link our advertisers with their consumers."


Established in 1991, MBC TV has pioneered the media revolution in the Middle East. MBC TV is an accurate representation of the Arabic culture in all its forms and shapes. Our objective is to fulfil people’s interests and desires by offering them high quality and exclusive programs.


"Viewers feel that MBC has dramatically improved its programming over the last two years. Now it has more and better programs in the areas of entertainment, sports, films and drama. This is in addition to programs aimed specifically at women and youth".

MBC is as ever committed to delivering the best in TV entertainment. One of the main appealing programs this year is "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"–a global brand which has taken the entire region by storm and captured the attention of many viewers. This has repeatedly and consistently reinforced the company’s commitment to producing programs that are by far the most diverse, interesting and unique in the region. The sustainable success of "Pops & Tops" in the Middle East is also evidence of our competitive advantage.

MBC constantly brings to its children viewers new and exciting global brands, including the wide range of Disney’s special cartoons.

"MBC News retains its position as the Middle East’s most credible and trusted source of news. It is regarded as number one provider of Gulf, national and sports news."

MBC is also dedicated to bringing its audiences the latest and most informative news from around the world the moment it happens. Our stimulating current affairs programs also discuss and debate in-depth hot issues drawn from current events.


MBC’s professional and quality coverage approach of worldwide sports events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics, highlights our commitment to sports. Our main focus however remains on the major sports tournaments and competitions throughout the Middle East and the Gulf regions.

"MBC is effectively targeting the young and female/housewife audiences through programs whose content and style match their needs and interests."

MBC is equally renowned for its wide range of quality Arabic and Western films/series. Furthermore, MBC’s acquisition of global brands, such as the Warner Brothers movies, emphasizes MBC’s greater advantage over the pay per view and other subscription based operators in the region. Audiences

The secret of MBC’s program success derives from our special and genuine relationship with our audiences and advertisers. Our audiences are our main assets, for whom we plan and develop overwhelming programs. We cater for their needs to develop specific programs.

MBC’s Arabic viewers have one thing in common. They represent the different and diverse aspects and values of the Arabic family, wherever it is in the world. Consequently, we have preserved and strengthened the well-established bond between our programs, audiences and advertisers.

"MBC FM has made the link with listeners, especially the youth market, in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and Jordan by combining local content with the style, pace and interactivity of international FM radio. This makes MBC FM the most intimate and flexible medium to complement your MBC TV advertising plan."

Launched on 1 June 1994, MBC FM has established itself as the first commercial radio station to cover the entire Arabic world and beyond, transmitted twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. MBC FM complements MBC TV and is equally committed to enhancing its services to achieve the same objective of delivering high quality entertainment and news.


In addition to being and remaining the first and only commercial FM station covering the KSA, MBC FM pioneered the introduction and promotion of Arabic music, songs and artists in a dynamic way, thus capturing a previously neglected market. MBC FM is, as ever, devoted to creating a variety of extremely stimulating and entertaining programs, which target the different socio-economic groups in the region. Additionally, the station has developed programs such as"Variety" and "Your Beauty" specifically geared towards housewives and women. On the other hand, programs such as "Horouf Moshakisa" reflect the excitingly entertaining culture of MBC FM, while "Keef Al Sehha" reassures its commitment to education and counselling.

Advertising benefits

  • Specific targeting of various Arabic audiences in the Middle East, particularly in KSA;
  • Well identified target audience;
  • Extensive media coverage and reach;
  • Successful association of brands with high quality programs and news;
  • Competitive advertising and sponsorship packages;
  • Unique business relationship;
  • Great customer satisfaction.

 Looking into the future

MBC is determined to further invest in the modernization of MBC’s programs. Our strategic plans will reinforce once again the fact that MBC is and always will be the number one entertainment channel in the region, with the closest competitors falling far behind. MBC is committed to providing high quality entertainment and news, which will continuously delight our audiences and clients. We will keep innovating in order to stimulate our viewers by encouraging and implementing new ideas and concepts. We continue to work towards maintaining and further strengthening our leading role and positive image.

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