Program Host
Naglaa Badr, Pakinam Al Husseini 
Host : Naglaa Badr, Pakinam Al Husseini


Action is a weekly artistic program that's being broadcasted every Tuesday at 8:00 pm and repeated every Thursday at 1:00 pm. Hosted by Naglaa Badr and Pakinam Al Husseini, the programme covers the new artistic and social events and functions in the Arab world. This includes major festivals, press conferences and launching new artistic works. Coverage takes the viewer behind the scenes of many of the major movie, TV, musical and theatrical productions to meet with the whole crew including directors, producers, distinguished starts and artists.The programme is characterized by its relatively fast pace. Each episode is composed of six diversified segments. Audience feedback in encouraged through e-mails during the show. The programme sheds light on any new artistic production through a quick review of its "making" along with the production crew. Recently, the programme has made use of a new directing technique that presents backstage errors and pitfalls that occurred during the shooting of either the programme itself or the artistic work in question. This, in return, creates a lightly humorous atmosphere during the course of presenting the programme. When it first started, the running time of the show was 20 minutes and due to the diversity and attractiveness of its features, this time has been extended to reach 45 minutes during prime time.The programme's crew has set the stage for further cooperation with their MBC counterparts in different Arab countries, such as Lebanon, Syria, UAE and Kuwait in order to include a plethora of diversified and interesting topics.

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