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Nadim Mouhanna 
Host : Nadim Mouhanna
Car Show

Who is Nadim Mouhanna?



Rated number one television car show in the Middle East and ranking third in the world, “ALAM AL SAYARAT" is a state of the art motoring TV show airing on mbc TV and on other satellite and local networks. Presented by prime car buff and expert Nadim Mouhanna, the show covers everything from Middle East championship rounds to international motorshows, world rallies, launches and motorsport activities around the world.

If you love collection cars, bikes, boats, snow-bikes or water-bikes, ALAM AL SAYARAT is the show to watch. Not only will you take an inside look at motor factories, plants and museums, but you’ll also get a chance to hear what some prominent persons in the field have to say, not to mention meet a few VIP’s. After test driving the year’s new cars, Nadim gives an expert’s opinion on how each performs on-road and off-road, surprising his audience from time to time with a special spin in a Formula 1!

ALAM AL SAYARAT is a combination of fun and excitement and is packed with valuable knowledge for interested viewers. The topic of road safety is adequately addressed, giving viewers tips for safer, better driving; and for those who have a deeper interest in the aeronautical field the show features episodes on commerical and military planes. In short, it leaves no corner uncovered in the world of cars and motoring, becoming the number one sought show for car lovers around the Middle East and the world!

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