Program Host
Host : Taj
Matbakh Show


Matbakh Show is a weekly live programme that's being broadcasted every Thursday at 11:00 am  and repeated every Sunday at 10:00 am . Hosted by the exceptional TV anchor Taj who attracts the viewers' attention by his presence and light sense of humour, the programme presents a new fresh look of cooking shows where cooking meets with competition. Every week, three ladies from three different nationalities are chosen to participate in a live cooking competition. After a certain dish is selected by the production crew, each lady is asked to cook in her own preferable traditional way. The show host moderates the discussion between the competing ladies and the Chef who is there to help them out with the cooking. Moreover, on air telephone calls commenting positively or negatively on the ladies' cooking style are very much encouraged. After the three ladies are finished with the main dish of the show, a randomly selected participant from the audience volunteers to taste the three dishes prepared by the three ladies. The tastiest and the most delicious dish is selected as the winning dish of the show. The winner receives a valuable prize in return.

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