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MBC’s launch in 1991 represented a huge leap forward in the process of providing modern, culturally rich, objective and in-depth news. MBC represents an Arabic transformation, a change that has been adopted by other satellite channels.

MBC’s accomplishments are not just confined to its news broadcasting and syndication: it has also strived to attain high standards in other fields. These achievements are the result of hard work and dedicated professionalism that continue to set MBC’s news apart from the competition.

This professionalism is brought to play in every report. Such reports tackle matters of human concern in a balanced but firm manner, covering all angles and preparing each bulletin for immediate release. These qualities continue to be tested each and every day, wherever the news team goes.

It is this outstanding professionalism that has helped MBC earn its reputation as the most objective, fair and in-depth source of news and information in the Arab world.

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