Program Host
Mohannad Al Khatib 
Host : Mohannad Al Khatib
Al Isboue Al Siyassi

Since the fifteenth of June 2001, the Middle East MBC Television started to broadcast a weekly TV program, that is new of its kind. It addresses hot issues which have a direct bearing on the day-to-day life of a great big number of Arab citizens. Duration of the program is one hour and is broadcast live on the air from Beirut. The new trend in the interviewing program is that it does not focus on one single topic of discussion between the interviewer and one interviewed guest like it is the standard practice in many other channels, but it combines between two presenters / interviewers and a number of guests. The program is characterized by a high speed rhythm and is free from boring narration.

In its first part, the program hosts one of the main decision makers who would cover one main topic that came up during the current week and would represent the highlight of the week as it affects, one way or the other, the political or cultural or economic or security scene in the Arab World. Each one of the interviewers would focus on one aspect by directing the discussion towards one angle. In the second part, either the same topic or another totally different topic would be presented with another guest, either in the studio or through satellite transmission. At the end of the episode, ideas presented would be discussed with specialists and analysts who are known to have in-depth knowledge of the subject. They would present to the viewer a number of ideas, comments and views that relate to the topic or cause or to matters of interest to the status quo in the Arab world.

From time to time, “Political Backstage Chatting” program will broadcast long episodes which will address one single important topic. These special episodes will be broadcast from different Arab capitals and will include news reports and recorded interviews in addition to guests inside the studio and others through satellite broadcasting.

The program is being transmitted from MBC studios in Beirut, supervised by Fadi Isma’il, prepared and presented by Mouhannad Al Khateeb along with a team of specialists in research and follow up.

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