Iranian American Advertising & Marketing

Allied Media prepares marketing campaigns and executes them with strategic public relations that bring catered results to fit each client’s project.

At Allied Media, we ensure that the appropriate communication appears in its key media outlets to reach the highest percentage of the 67 ancestry groups in the U.S. Iranian Americans are people of Iranian (Persian) heritage who live and work in the United States.             

PErsian Americans

They are considered the most successful immigrant group in the history of the United States. 26.2% of Iranian Americans attain a Masters degree or higher, 56.2% attain a bachelor's degree or higher, and 90.8% receive a high school diploma or higher. This high academic achievement has undoubtedly contributed to the high occupational and financial accomplishment for Iranians.

Iranian Americans have thrived not only in careers such as medicine, science, engineering, law, business, and academia, but also in the arts, music, theater and the humanities. The Iranian American population is estimated at over 1,500,000 with over 50% living in California.43% of Iranians are in professional and managerial positions, 35% are in technical and administrative positions, and the balance is spread over various service categories including craft and labor. The median family income of Iranian American’s is 20% higher than the national average (2005 US Census Report).

Persians in America

Allied Media understands the vast potential of the Persian American market. We help our clients realize the significance of reaching out to the Persian American market.

It is no secret that this part of the U.S. population is ahead of the curve when it comes to education and wealth. This population is also equipped with a media that is fast growing.

Reaching out to this community is an opportunity the government and corporations cannot afford to overlook.



To reach the Iranian American community, we provide our clients with tools such as:

  • Market Research
  • Media Consulting
  • Media Placement
  • PR & Media outreach
  • Direct Marketing
  • Creative Production

At Allied Media, we know how to target each and every small, medium, and large Persian event that holds a tremendous amount or Iranians. The oldest of Iranian traditions, Nowruz (also referred to as eyd-i sar-i sal and eyd-i sal-i now) recalls the cosmological and mythological times of Iran.

Literally meaning the "new day," nowruz is usually translated as "new year." The Persian Nowruz begins on the first day of spring (usually the 21st of March). The 21st of March, therefore, is equal to the 1st day of Farvardin of the Islamic solar calendar.

Known as the traditional herald of the Nowruz, Haji Firuz is a black-faced character dressed in bright red clothes and a felt hat.  Nowruz plays a tambourine and sings, "haji firuze, sali ye ruze." (It is Haji Firuz time. It happens one day a year!). People of all ages gather around him and his troupe of musicians and listen to them play the drum, saz or kamancheh as they dance. Those who are impressed with the troupe's performance shower it with coins and paper money.

Tehrangeles is a portmanteau deriving from the combination of Tehran, the capital of Iran, and Los Angeles. It is used when referring to the large number (est. 600,000) of former Iranian nationals and their descendants residing in Los Angeles. In common usage, it usually refers to the proportionally larger Persian-American subset of Iranian immigrants, many of whom are 2nd generation citizens.

The Persian community in the L.A. area originally centered in the Westwood neighborhood of west Los Angeles. Immigration to the area increased several-fold due to the events surrounding the 1979 Iranian Revolution, especially by former-monarchists and Persian Jews. Westwood Boulevard became known for its many Persian shops and restaurants; and the Persian expatriate community of Los Angeles entered all forms of media including magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations.

With the population growing, many Persians have moved all over Los Angeles, with other large neighborhoods forming in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Woodland Hills and Encino and the city of Irvine.


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