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iranian american televisionAllied Media Corporation offers its clients a precise and timely media placement service in the Iranian American market. Our clients not only benefit from our knowledge of existing market, but also from our knowledge of what is the right media outlet for them.

On a national level, we provide our clients with coverage on premium Persian satellite television channels. On a smaller level, we can cover local and specific Persian American metropolitan markets. By using a combination of local and national media we give a synergy effect to the campaigns of our clients.

Our database is filled with hundreds of Iranian American publications, Iranian American radio programs, and Iranian American television stations that are located throughout the United States. We represent more than 100 publications, radio programming and TV stations in the East Coast alone.

With our placement we cover all the major metropolitan areas in the country, including the population centers of the Iranian American. We have the ability to cover the Iranian, Afghani, and other Persian communities in: California, Washington D.C, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Las Angles and San Francisco.

Though our deeply rooted connections in the Iranian American media market, we keep tabs on which media outlets are top ranking and which ones are rapidly growing. We have established prices that are pre-negotiated with the media outlets. Therefore, we not only provide you with the best possible coverage, but we also assure that your budget gets a good overall value.

The Iranian American population is one of the fastest growing, most educated and most affluent to the Iranian population in the United States. Allied Media's programs ensure that publicity; promotion or advertising is not the end result, but that each is part of an overall effort to better support sales and maximizes client's return on investment.

  • Demographically, significant proportion falls within the most preferred age bracket of 18 to 49 years
  • Increasing influx of younger professionals in the fields of software and computers
  • A cohesive and rapidly growing visible minority

Allied Media's programs ensure that publicity; promotion or advertising is not the end result, but that each is part of an overall effort to better support sales and maximizes client's return on investment.

We also work with a wide array of newspapers, Magazines and t.v channels that reach out to the Persian American community.

  • Iran Weekly Digest
  • Iranmania News
  • Tehran Avenue
  • Tehran Times
  • Payvand
A list of T.V. Channels
persian mirror
Mirror: Persian American Media: which has over 600,000 viewers daily.
t2 network
T: a 24-hour-a-day Farsi-language channel airs headline news every hour on the hour providing viewers with timely and accurate news reports. T2's daily programming lineup includes sports news, reports and game broadcasts, fantastic music videos, music and entertainment news and concerts. In addition, it offers dramatic series, feature films, family oriented programming and movies that range from the most recent feature releases to classical cinematic masterpieces.
PESH: programming includes a variety of news, entertainment, music, movies, sports, educational, cultural, youth and family oriented programming. In addition, Tapesh offers viewers at least 1 full length feature film each day.
Markazi TV
Arkaz TV: Features an array of entertainment, documentary, International and American films including short films, a variety of International and American music.
AFN : AFN Net works with various Radio and TV satellite companies. American Farsi Net was founded in 1993. It is the first Iranian satellite radio and TV. It broadcasts radio and television via satellite all over in United States and for the past seven years has transmitted to other areas such as Europe, Iran, and Canada so Iranians around the globe can benefit from the service.
Pars TV
Ars TV was founded in May 1989 with the intention of broadcasting its Iranian Community programming throughout the Southern California area. In August 1998, It acquired a satellite channel from Taipei International in order to target its audiences throughout the United States (including Hawaii, and Alaska), Canada and Mexico. Since becoming the first Iranian satellite network, It has reached audiences across the world, broadcasting to all of Asia-and Europe and reaching thousands of viewers of various backgrounds and ethnicities. At present, it has programs in Farsi, English, Azari and Armenian.
Along with many other networks channels and events with have a lead with.

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