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Allied Media plans and executes strategic public relations campaigns for our clients.  Sometimes our clients are looking to inform the community of a public service, a community event, or they are simply looking for an image makeover in the South Asian community living in the U.S.  We ensure that the appropriate communication appears in key media outlets at the best time to support the client’s goals.

We simplify the process of integrating communications through strategic positioning, creative branding and precise execution.


Allied Media's campaigns ensure that publicity, promotion or advertising is not the end result, but rather a part of an overall effort to better support sales and maximize client's outreach, return on investment, etc…


Who needs PR?
Whether it is for political or for corporate public relations outreach, the biggest challenge government agencies, organizations and companies face today is the problem of image. Traditionally, PR has always been considered the sister of advertising. Alternatively, many businesses believe that they can do a good job without professional help. As for government and non-profit organizations, another challenge is to find the best composition of PR media that will help them reach out to the South Asian community.

The knowledge of the South Asian market along with the solid relationship with the South Asian media ranks us among the most efficient multicultural agencies that can help you reach out to the South Asian community here in the U.S.


As an example of how this service might serve you, Allied Media helped a client run a “human rights protection” campaign that reached out to ethnic communities here in the U.S. and inform them about their rights after September 11th attacks.

Allied Media helped the client produce ads, prints, and place them in different media outlets that catered to the specific ethnic communities. Allied Media also helped a client reach out minorities for recruiting through a PR campaign that included concept writing, print design, print placement, posters distribution and flyers distribution.

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